Friday, December 3

The emotional memory of the contestants from ‘OT 1’ to Àlex Casademunt: “You will always be 16”

Noemí Galera, Nuria Fergó, Gisela, Alejandro Parreño, Javián and Natalia were moved by paying tribute to the artist.

The marathon for the 20 years of ‘Operación Triunfo’ He left us an emotional moment of memory towards Àlex Casademunt. Noemí Galera, Nuria Fergó, Gisela, Alejandro Parreño, Javián and Natalia were moved after a video was broadcast in which the figure of the singer and actor was remembered: “On March 2, this family broke up. We want to pay tribute to him, which is going to be very small because he deserves something bigger. We see it done with all our love. He is here”.

“Everything we say about Àlex falls short. He worked with us for a long time as a presenter. From here, the Gestmusic family wants to send a big kiss to his mother, his brother and his sister,” said Noemí Galera after the video , later giving the floor to his fellow editors.

“He is a person I have always admired. It was hard for me to be with him because we laughed a lot with him. It gave us so much joy that it overwhelmed us. He is the person who made the most of his life. He ate it. Their way of being would have to be learned so that many people would be happier. In addition to his talent, he frowned on everything, “said Alejandro Parreño, adding that the singer was unique.

For his part, Geno Machado, his partner in Open Formula, assured that Àlex Casademunt was his ‘right eye’, his voice cracking during the course of his speech: “He was unable to say no. He pampered him a lot. He is someone who is inside me and my life. It is like this. ”

“There is one thing that sent a lot of him. He had the ability to have fun in environments that were impossible to do. I wondered how it was possible that in very difficult circumstances with so much pressure I was always smiling. Àlex was always joyful, but not feigned, because if he had to say something to you, he would do it and it would be so wide. I always envied him because I suffered while he enjoyed, “said Naim Thomas.” The beauty is his legacy. He lived each moment intensely. I have no words, but I want to say something because I know it is here. In everyone’s heart “, said Verónica before Noemí Galera took the floor again:”You will always be 16. He’s here today too“.

Later, Natalia also wanted to highlight the facet of Àlex Casademunt as a composer and self-taught musician of various instruments: “He learned to play the piano, the guitar, the drums … He played everything. He wrote some lyrics and songs that made me sad that no one gave him his place“.

“The fact of losing Alex was very strong. I felt that we were invincible. That is why I said that the family is broken. We have to move on as others because we have to, but that does not mean that the pain is not inside and that Let’s not stop joining in. I know that he has gone young, but he has lived much and more than all of us. He has done everything, but I keep that he has lived intensely and that he will be inside me. The nice thing is to remember that we have lived it with him. We were and we are a family“said a visibly excited Nuria Fergó.

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