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The employer prefers agreements before expropriating to install photovoltaic plants

José Donoso, general director of Unef, in his appearance at the Assembly of Extremadura. / TODAY

The general director of the Spanish Photovoltaic Union pleads in the Assembly to promote self-consumption to attract industries

John Soriano

The main employers in the photovoltaic sector is committed to reaching agreements on the acquisition of land to build new plants instead of resorting to expropriations. The general director of the Spanish Photovoltaic Union, José Donoso, stated this Tuesday in the Assembly of Extremadura that the implementation of these projects “has to be done based on consensus.”

Donoso expressed himself in this way after a reference was made during his appearance to the judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of Extremadura, advanced by HOY, which requires the return of part of the expropriated land for the Usagre macro-power plant, owned by Iberdrola. The ruling will be appealed to the Supreme Court.

The Spanish Photovoltaic Union (Unef) is the main association in the sector in the country, with more than 700 companies in the industry, including producers, installers, engineering firms, manufacturers and distributors. José Donoso has gone to the Ecological Transition and Sustainability Commission of the Assembly of Extremadura at the request of the PSOE to report on the development of photovoltaic energy in the region.

As he explained, in the last ten years production costs have been reduced by more than 95%, which ensures that there is no other technology that can produce energy at such low prices, except wind power in conditions of strong winds.

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For this reason, he considers that “Extremadura has to take advantage of this opportunity, because it does not have many more.” In addition to the reduction in the price of the invoice, he highlighted the opportunities offered by photovoltaics in terms of self-consumption to attract industries that need a lot of energy to function.

Iberdrola ensures that the Usagre photovoltaic plant will not be dismantled

To this end, it considers it essential to continue working on improving processing, which means a delay in the development of new plants, but without giving up the requirement to comply with regulations. “I must admit that the Administration of Extremadura is exemplary, it is probably the one that is doing the best,” he assured.

Social acceptance

Along with this, he cited social acceptance as a barrier, for which he considers it essential to respect the will of the neighbors. Likewise, he believes that it is not necessary to build in protected areas or areas of high environmental sensitivity.

Donoso recalled the positive impact generated by these projects in local economies. According to what he explained, only in municipal taxes a plant leaves an average of 7,000 euros per megawatt and annuity during the first ten years of activity. This supposes an impulse to new investments. Likewise, he advocated for agreements with local associations so that part of the benefits remain in the territory.

The general director of Unef also underlined the importance that the sector is having in job creation thanks to its development in the last decade. But he said that “we are starting to have problems that we can’t find enough workers.” For this reason, he demanded that the Vocational Training and university curricula be adapted as soon as possible to the needs of the sector.

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