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The employers of the residences threaten to take to the Prosecutor’s Office the abandonment of vaccination in mental health and home help

Aerte demands the vaccination of all professionals in sheltered housing

Aerte demands the vaccination of all professionals in sheltered housing

The board of directors of Aerte, the employer of nursing homes and dependency services, threatens to take the Prosecution interruption of vaccination between groups of sheltered housing for mental health and home help. It also values ​​filing a complaint in this regard with the Síndic de Greuges.

The president of the group emphasizes that the vaccination protocol of the Generalitat, published by the General Directorate of Public Health and Addictions, states that in a first stage, in which the availability of vaccines will be lower, “priority will be given to the group of elderly or disabled people who live in residences and the staff that attends them“.

José María Toro considers that “sheltered mental health homes are unequivocally listed as residential resources by the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies.”

People who reside in sheltered housing for mental health care in the Community, those served by home help services and professionals who serve both resources, “they still do not receive the vaccine against covid-19 “, he underlines.

Home care professionals are waiting to receive the vaccine, although it was suggested that professionals would be vaccinated at the same time as the people they serve. “The latest update of the protocol indicates that these professionals are in group 3B of social health personnel,” insists Toro.


He also recalls that they have been vaccinated in some of these homes, when they were depending on a residential center or depending on the health department to which they correspond, “which has generated even more confusion in the sector due to the lack of homogeneity in the criteria applied “.

In the Community there are 95 sheltered dwellings of this type “and the vast majority of them still have not entered the vaccination process“Toro laments.

The people cared for by these services are being vaccinated according to their dependency situation and age “but the vaccine is not being given to professionals. It must be remembered that these people visit a high number of homes every day, so it is very important that they are immunized as soon as possible “, abounds.

And he concludes that “despite the communication addressed on March 3 to the General Director of Public Health and Addictions, Ofelia Gimeno, demanding immediate vaccination of these priority groups, not only have we not received a response, but the Ministry itself announces the vaccination of teachers or non-professional caregivers, collectives with a lower priority level according to the vaccination protocol and the Ministry of Health’s own strategy “.

Aerte considers “intolerable” that it is being vaccinated “on the basis of pressure group criteria rather than strictly sanitary criteria.”

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