Thursday, October 28

The enigma of Aspasia, the most famous woman of the golden age of Athens

  • Dalia Ventura
  • BBC World News

Aspasia at the Pnyx by Henry Holiday

“Aspasia on the Pnyx” by Henry Holiday, 1888.

QWhat great art or power of enchantment this woman had, which allowed her to captivate as she did the greatest statesmen and gave philosophers the opportunity to speak so much about her in terms tan exalted“…

… Plutarco wondered in “Parallel Lives”, the biographical collection he wrote at the end of the 1st century and the beginning of the 2nd, without much hope of finding the answer, since centuries had passed since the death of that woman.

Nor could the Greek historian anticipate that millennia later we would continue to ask even simpler questions about the same character, and that he would be the subject of debate among his modern counterparts.

Aspasia de Mileto is an enigmaDespite being the most celebrated woman of the golden age of Athens, little can be said about her with certainty that it is true.

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