Wednesday, October 27

The enormous benefits of short naps (and how to learn to do them without waking up in a bad mood)

  • Laura Plitt
  • BBC News World

Sleeping woman

Image source, Getty Images

With long working hours and multiple daily occupations – some by obligation and others by choice – it is not easy to maintain our energy level from morning to night.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able, in the middle of the day, to press the reset button as if we were a computer and start from scratch, renewed and fresh to continue with everything that still lies ahead of us?

That button —or at least a mechanism that fulfills the same function— exists: they are the short napsthat, according to a growing body of scientific evidence, are a valuable tool to restore alertness and energy with which we start the day.

“The main benefit of short naps is that they counteract the physiological effects that occur in (the body) since we wake up,” explains Guy Meadows, specialist in sleep physiology and co-founder of The Sleep School, based in London.

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