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The Ertzaintza identifies Covid patients door to door




Door to door, as in the worst times of the pandemic. The Professional Union of the Ertzaintza (SIPE) has denounced that the police stations are receiving instructions to send uniformed patrols to homes individuals with Covid. These instructions order the police identification of people who have tested positive for Covid-19 and of all people who reside at home, based on data from the Basque Health service.

The Basque Police union has sent a letter to the Minister of Security and spokesman for the Basque Government, Josu Erkoreka, in which he reports this practice that it qualifies as “illegal”. «The Ertzaintza, without any type of legal protection, appears at a private address and by order of a Unit Headquarters it is decided to identify anyone who is in that address, clearly transmitting a manifestly illegal order that the only one who It will affect him if a complaint is presented or a complaint is to the patrol that carries out the task “, it is detailed in the letter. Y ask the counselor to order the cessation of these practices.

The union also requests that these events be transferred to the Internal Affairs Unit for if disciplinary responsibilities could arise both the head of the Criminal Investigation division and the unit headquarters. The letter is signed by Juan Carlos Saenz Alonso, secretary of Organization of the professional union.

More respect for prisoners

The SIPE union recalls that data on a person’s health is sensitive information. They know it well because when they transfer prisoners to medical centers, they do not know the type of disease that inmates suffer, whether it be Covid or any other infectious pathology. “Information does not reveal itself so as not to violate the right to privacy of the person. Why is this consideration not taken with citizens with Covid? “Asks Saenz Alonso.


It is not the first time that Ertzaintza troops have come, house to house, to communicate positives. These practices have been carried out since the beginning of the pandemic. “In the worst moments of the epidemic we ignored it, but now with more than 60 percent of the population vaccinated, it no longer makes sense,” the union spokesperson told ABC.

Neither are there sufficient personnel, they denounce, “neither to control the positives, nor to control the bottles.” «If they dedicate us to these care tasks we will not be able to dedicate ourselves to crime prevention», They assure.

In the letter sent to the Security Councilor of the Basque Country, the Ertzaintza union warns that if the Security department does not correct this situation, they will file a complaint with the Basque Data Protection Agency or they will finally do so by criminal means.

The Basque Police has been the support of the Basque health service in the control of quarantines in the hardest moments of the pandemic. They monitored their compliance and in case of being absent from their home they came in search and captureLike when they had to arrest a positive young woman who was surfing on the beach.

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