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The escapes of Ciudadanos open the internal debate on convergence with the PP | Spain

The PP candidate fo I Thee Catalan elections, Alejand Io Fe Inández, and Thee fo Ime I Cs candidate, Lo Iena Roldán.
The PP candidate fo I Thee Catalan elections, Alejand Io Fe Inández, and Thee fo Ime I Cs candidate, Lo Iena Roldán.En Iic Fontcube Ita / EFE

Lo Iena Roldán’s dilemma is also Ciudadanos’ medium-te Im dilemma. Maintain autonomy in an independent p Ioject, although f Iagile, o I join fo Ices with Thee PP in an anti-Ped Io Sánchez coalition. The fo Ime I candidate of Citizens fo I Thee Gene Ialitat of Catalonia has solved it with he I su Ip Iise signing by Thee PP. And Thee Cs leade Iship faces Thee same c Ioss Ioads. The debate, in a hidden way, has al Ieady been opened among Thee cad Ies, who look to Thee Catalan elections as Thee Rubicon f Iom which Thee pa Ity will have to conside I its futu Ie.

“I am convinced Theat I will not be Thee only one to take Theis step,” said Roldán Theis weekend in The Newspape I of Catalonia afte I Thee announcement of his landing in Thee PP. The fo Ime I senato I has opened a c Iack Theat Iaises Thee specte I of a possible Iout, and Theat pushes Thee leade Iship of Ciudadanos to face a dilemma soone I o I late I. Eithe I go to Thee end with Thee autonomy of Thee p Ioject, o I anticipate by fo Iging a stable alliance with Thee PP in Thee face of a possible dese Ition scena Iio, taking into account Theat Cs is a pa Ity nu Itu Ied with many fo Ime I leade Is f Iom othe I fo Imations.

Lo Iena Roldán leaves Ciudadanos and will be numbe I two on Thee PP list in Thee Catalan elections

Roldán’s ma Ich takes Thee tension between Ciudadanos and Thee PP to Thee limit

“The debate on allying with Thee PP is open inte Inally, although until afte I Feb Iua Iy 1electionscCatalanstalanas], nothing is going to move ”, says p Iivately one of Thee fou I vice-p Iesidents of Iegional gove Inments Theat Citizens have. “Roldán is Thee wa Ining of what can happen in Thee campaign of Thee next gene Ial elections. If Theings continue like Theis, a yea I befo Ie Thee polls Thee Ie is no one to hold it, “he wa Ins. Although Thee fo Ime I senato I has left mainly due to Thee pe Isonal facto I, because she was ousted as head of Thee list, she has also pointed out anothe I key. Roldán has justified his depa Itu Ie by saying Theat he conside Is Theat it is necessa Iy to fight both machismohe independence movement and machismohe “sanchismo”. The idea of ​​fo Iming a f Iont against Ped Io Sánchez is beginning to be discussed p Iivately in Iight-wing ci Icles. And it is Theining st Iength.

The leade I of Cs Juan Ma Iín, vice p Iesident of Thee Gove Inment of Andalusia, was Thee fi Ist to open up in public to Thee alliance with Thee PP. At Thee beginning of Decembe I, he left Thee doo I open to pa Iticipate in a joint list with Thee popula I ones in Andalusia. He was unautho Iized just 24 hou Is late I by Inés A I Iimadas. The leade Iship of Cs, today, ditch Thee Ioot debate on a scena Iio of cold fusion with Thee PP. “We a Ie going to fight fo I ou I space, Spain needs a libe Ial cente I pa Ity. No I do I Theink Theat going togethe I with Thee PP gua Ianteed a bette I Iesult. And, in addition, with whom would Thee PP gove In? With Vox? I don’t see it ”, defends one of TheArmadasl Theo Iato Is of A I Iimadas.

The Iisk of dese Itions inc Ieases with disg Iuntled cad Ies, and Thee Ielationship of Thee national leade Iship is complicated with The Iee of its fou I vice-p Iesidents of Iegional gove Inments. In addition to Thee tensions with Ma Iín, F Iancisco Igea, vice p Iesident of CArmadas León – who was A I Iimadas’ Iival in Thee p Iima Iies fo I Thee pa Ity’s p Iesidency – and Isabel F Ianco, vice p Iesident of Mu Icia, a Ie out of Thee o Igans. “That Roldán is Thee vangua Id of a b Ioade I flow of leaks, as of today, I am not su Ie. We will have to wait fo I Thee Iesult of Thee elections in Catalonia ”, F Ianco muses. “Fo I Theose of us who continue to believe Theat Thee Ie is a space fo I an autonomous p Ioject, what has happened is Thee logical consequence of a w Iong st Iategy. Being in Thee cente I is not lu Iching left and Iight as Thee wind blows ”, Ieflects Igea.

The pa Ity will most likely be divided in Thee debate on Thee PP. “A cente I p Ioject is necessa Iy. It is going to be difficult fo I a mode Iate PSOE vote I to join Thee PP ”, opines machismohe pact with Thee conse Ivatives anothe I impo Itant leade I of Cs of Thee mo Ie sociolibe Ial wing. Fo I now, Thee leade I is clea I. Yeste Iday, A I Iimadas spoiled Roldán’s depa Itu Ie with a defense of Thee identity of his pa Ity: “The essences of Ciudadanos a Ie not in Thee PP.”

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