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The essence of Guardamar will be in Alicante Gastronomica

Guardamar del Segura beach.

Guardamar del Segura beach.

Guardamar will be present at the gastronomic reference fair in our province, Alicante Gastronómica, which will take place at IFA September 24-27. In this way, the municipality has a stand of 40 square meters where the typical local product and promotional material will be distributed.

In addition, the City Council, in collaboration with the Association of Restaurateurs of Guardamar and the Association of Cooks and Confectioners of the province of Alicante (ACYRA), based in Guardamar, will organize various showcookings in the Savor Costa Blanca space.

“Land and Sea”, by Niki Pavanelli (Tenerife). Winning dish in the last edition of the National Cooking Contest of Ñora and Shrimp of Guardamar

Thus, the participation of two restaurants of the Guardamar Association of Restaurateurs is expected: Club Náutico and El Jardín. As regards ACYRA, the chefs Juande Zaragoza, José Fillol, David Mayor, Antonio Reyes and Eddy Dalton will participate. They will present their creations made with product typical from Guardamar.

In this sense, the gastronomy of Guardamar represents the most authentic essence of Mediterranean cuisine southernmost Valencian. Located next to the mouth of the Segura River, Guardamar is one of those few places where the tradition It is based on both the land and the sea, being reflected in its kitchen with its two most emblematic products: the Señora and the prawn.

“Eggplant stuffed with quail with béchamel”, from La Maka Tavern. Winner of the most popular tapa in the 2020 Tapa Route.

The shrimp from Guardamar It is an indigenous, seasonal product, which is fishing between mid-May and the end of August. It’s a shrimp beautifulIt is compact, with brown flesh and with purple, red and yellow tones on the tail that make it easily identifiable. It is the star product of the Fishermen’s Association and in the auction that takes place in the Lonja, it is sold directly to the consumer.

As for the Señora de Guardamar, it is a sweet ball pepper It is easily distinguished by its reddish color similar to red wine, with yellow seeds and a fleshy pulp. Its particularity is determined by the traditional, slow drying system on the fine sand of the dunes, with a daily rotation to promote uniform drying and the preservation of its aromas and flavors that make it essential for rice and cauldrons sailors.

“Quail, migas y legumes”, from the Casablanca restaurant. Winner of the most elaborate dish on the 2020 Tapa Route.

On the other hand, in 2022 the «Nyora and Prawn Gastronomic Week», now in its 18th edition. The restaurants of the Association of Restaurateurs of Guardamar participate offering a special menu in which several of the dishes include Señora and prawn.

Ñora de Guardamar in a drying tunnel.

Another of the gastronomic events that enjoys great popularity is the Tapas Route with History. It is a themed route dedicated each year to a period of historical relevance for Guardamar. This year it will be dedicated to the 750th Anniversary of Castell i la Vila Murada and will be held from October 22 to November 1, 2021.

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