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The essential apps so you don’t miss anything about Easter 2022

As you well know, our mobile terminals can be used to help us in many tasks, situations or tasks. Well, if you are a lover of Holy Week, you will also achieve it, since there are several applications that will be to your liking.

Holy Week is a very important time for many people devoted to all the religious meaning it has, although there are also those who enjoy all the steps and carvings that come out of the procession, without the need to feel religion intensely, but knowing how to appreciate the beauty.

Technology is something that doesn’t seem to go much with everything that this celebration based on tradition has to do with, which maintains practically all the essence that it had years ago, without changing too much, although that is precisely where the attraction that raises.

Even though it is one of the most traditional celebrations currently in existence, the smartphone world can help everyone who likes to live these moments in one way or another.

Let’s see what applications will be useful to us:

the worker

It is an application that provides all the content you need to know about the Holy Week in Sevillethe best known nationally and internationally.

Thanks to this app we can be informed of the brotherhoodswhere they are located, what events each one of them performs during Holy Week in this city or information about all bands, as well as photographs and videos.

In addition, something that we find very positive about this app for Android is that it can notify us of everything we mark about events, brotherhoods, itineraries, and much more.

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Tick ​​Tock Brotherhood

This is an Android application that will allow us create reminders of all celebrations that we like the most about Easter, and it will do it through widgets.

To help you not to miss anything or if you are distracted by an event, the application has its own calendar to ensure that you are aware of the main celebrations, steps or events, in order to try not to miss any of them.

In TicTac Cofrade you will be able to:

  • Edit the title of what your reminder will be, to put the one you want.
  • Change the font, font size, and color to make it look just the way you like it.
  • You will be able to set a date and thus it will always inform you before it begins.
  • You will be able to have your own gallery in the application, even with decorative frames to give it a different touch.

SERCofrade. Holy Week Malaga

This is the best app to be well informed about what is going to happen in the Holy Week in Malaga in this year 2022.

Just by taking a look at the mobile we can already know what events are taking place that day with their location and exact time.

Its strengths are its large amount of information on the brotherhoods and their itineraries, even in real time, in addition to being continuously updated, so it is always information, let’s say last minute.

Notice how far the level of information reaches, that we can even check the weather forecast for all those places that interest us and where we plan to attend.

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It is a free application and is available for phones with Android operating system.

Quiz Cofrade Holy Week

If you are passionate about Holy Week, you can try this game on one of these days that will test all the knowledge you have about this celebration.

This app for Android will help you to show your friends or family that your knowledge of Holy Week is really high.

All the questions refer to Holy Week in Seville, although now there are also categories of those celebrated in Almería, Córdoba, Jerez and soon those of Cádiz and Huelva.

When you play you will be able to find questions about marches, images, history, curiosities, costaleros, Andalusian Easter in general and many others.

Currently there more than 820 questions with images, audio reproductions, details and history, it also compiles statistics of what has been achieved and a ranking where you can also find friends who have played Quiz Cofrade.

Foreman: Holy Week Cofrade

With this game you will be able to be the foreman in Holy Week. It is a free game that will allow us to be aware of the problems that the brotherhoods encounter in their processions, also having the same difficulties, the same music and the same emotions.

A game that will make us live all that is this experience and see how everything works from the inside, to get an idea of ​​what it means to be a brother.

As you play you will enter a costaleros ranking, where there are people from all over the world. But not everything stops there, but you can also play in Holy Week in Seville, Malaga or León, but also in some international ones such as Mexico or Italy.

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It’s free, as we’ve already said, and it’s available for both Android and iOS, the operating system for Apple phones.

MAGNIFICAT (Spanish edition)

Actually this is not an app created explicitly for Holy Week, but rather the app for Android and iOS of the magazine with the same name.

It is free for magazine subscribers and for the rest there is a free trial month, having the possibility of subscribing for 1.09 euros.

It is a publication dedicated to bringing the mass, religiosity and the whole world closer to those people who subscribe to its plan.

During the time of Holy Week, it informs us of different events, of prayers that can be made on these dates, of everything related to this celebration, but all from a much more religious point of view than the ones we have seen before.

The level of information is really very high, which is why we have decided to put it on this list.

As you have seen, Easter is also very present on our mobile devices, surely more than you could imagine.

Technology can also be used for moments of religious fervor such as those experienced by the celebration of Holy Week.

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