Thursday, October 28

The EU agrees to allow the entry of tourists from the US but not those from the UK

Tourists walk through the center of Seville.

Tourists walk through the center of Seville.

The Twenty-seven have agreed this Wednesday will include USA on the list of destinations considered safe in the context of coronavirus control, which in practice means allow “non-essential” travel so that its tourists can travel to the European Union this summer, although the update of the list continues to limit entry to a small group of countries and keeps out UK.

The 27 ambassadors to the EU have found broad support for this review, which will be formally adopted next Friday, during the Council of European Finance Ministers, and may enter into force as soon as it is published in the Official Journal of the EU. .

In the case of the United Kingdom, a country to which Spain has lifted all travel restrictions but not the rest of the EU partners, the possibility of entering the list has not even been discussed, as European sources have indicated to Europa Press .

The evaluation to modify the list of countries must be based on scientific data, according to the agreed recommendation, to ensure that travelers arrive from destinations where the epidemiological situation is equal to or better than in the EU.

Even if the campaign of vaccination British is considered a successEuropeans are concerned about the incidence of variants such as India, so they are reluctant to resume the routes without controls with this country.

The list is in the form of a recommendation that the countries of the European Union have agreed to follow, although governments may choose to impose different measures despite everything since border control is a national competence.

Add six more countries allowed to travel

In addition to the United States, the EU adds six other non-EU destinations to the list of countries authorized to travel: Albania, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Serbia and Taiwan. In this way, they join the routes already authorized by the block with departure or arrival to Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, Rwanda, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

Also withdraws the reciprocity requirement that demanded Hong Kong and Macao to allow its nationals to travel to community soil, although it does maintain it for China, which for the moment is not complying with it.

Residents of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican must be considered as residents of the European Union when it comes to the border crossing.

The Twenty-seven agreed in July of last year to create a list of countries to which they can make “non-essential” trips, although this category does not exempt their travelers from complying with the condition of presenting a negative PCR to land in the EU and, in the In the case of some countries, also fulfill a quarantine period.

The objective was to gradually reactivate non-community tourism but the difficulties to control the pandemic left this project in less than a dozen permitted destinations.

Vaccinated tourists

The EU wants also reopen its external border to tourists who are fully vaccinated with any of the sera authorized by the EU or by the World Health Organization, but it is a different measure from this list of countries to which it allows travel regardless of the vaccine.

The decision of which countries have carte blanche to enter is based on the number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants during the last fourteen days, on the trend of new cases during the same period in the previous fourteen days, and the ability of those countries to trace , contain and treat possible new outbreaks.

Thus, all types of trips are allowed to countries where, taking into account the epidemiological data collected by the European Center for Disease Prevention (ECDC), it can be concluded that the pandemic is at levels equal to or below the level of infections in the European Union.

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