Thursday, February 22

The EU grants another 500 million to Ukraine to buy weapons

  • Ukrainian Minister Dimytro Kuleba warns that Putin wants to plunge all of Europe into a crisis and urges not to bow to his demands

  • The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, says that it is necessary to have “sufficient resistance to continue supporting Ukraine”

Ukraine will receive an additional €500 million from the European Peace Support Fund to buy weapons with which to continue repelling the attacks of the army of Russia. The political agreement, closed this Monday by the foreign ministers of the European Union (EU), represents the fifth European disbursement since Moscow launched the war on February 24 and raises to 2,500 million —of the 5,000 million that the fund has for the period 2021-2027— the money granted to kyiv.

“Obviously it is not an endless source but for now we can continue financing the effort of war”, said the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Joseph Borrell, on a decision that will be finalized in the coming days. “Russian troops have no plans to take days off” so “the weapons that we manage to supply is what will help the Ukrainians to stop the all-out attack on their territory (…). If something has to be done, it is continue with the supply of weapons”, said the head of the Lithuanian diplomacy, Gabrielius Landsbergis.

The decision to further increase funding has been welcomed by the Ukrainian foreign minister, Dimytro Kuleba, who has once again participated in the meeting of ministers by videoconference to explain the situation in his country. “Assistance in armament it is essential and Ukraine appreciates all the support provided so far”, he celebrated, warning that as the war drags on, his country will need more weapons and, particularly, long-range artillery and air defense systems.

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More sanctions

Kuleba took the opportunity to remind the Twenty-seven that it is “naive” to think that Moscow’s objective is only Ukraine and has warned that the plan of Vladimir Putin “It is not only to destroy my country, but to plunge the whole of Europe into a crisis” using as a weapon of “blackmail” any possible weapon, be it the Energy, rising prices, shortages of agricultural products or propaganda. That is why he has celebrated keeping up the pressure with a seventh package of sanctions that the permanent ambassadors of the EU will finish polishing in the next few hours or days, although in his opinion it still falls short.

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The main novelty is the ban on importing gold from Russia, to align the position with that of the G7, as well as closing possible loopholes so that no one evades sanctions and the inclusion of new leaders and oligarchs. In recent days, the response has once again suffered an internal smear campaign by Hungary, which considers the measures counterproductive for the european economy. “It is completely false”, the head of European diplomacy has reacted, giving as an example the rise in the price of oil, which “began to rise a month before the war”, but since the adoption of sanctions has fallen to the level that existed before the start of the war.

According to Borrell, the EU is facing a resistance test and “we have to have enough resistance to continue supporting Ukraine. We have no other solution (and) they don’t either”, he warned. Meanwhile, the Spanish foreign minister, Jose Manuel Albares he has not perceived any fissure between the delegations. “There is a dialogue and there may be nuances from one country to another, but the important thing is not the nuances, because they are small, but what the final result is. And it is that we all agree that the sanctions are the right decision, they have to continue and we have to perfect them”, he said after the meeting.

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