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The Europarliament regrets that the Government does not comply with the 25% sentences and asks the Commission to act




The plenary session of the European Parliament approved this Thursday
a report
about him Rule of Law 2021, in response to the document prepared by the European Commission on the matter, in which it has been introduced
an opinion
of the Committee on Petitions that regrets the attitude of the Generalitat de Catalunya when it comes to “bragging” the non-compliance with judicial rulings “in the field of education flagrantly violating the right of children to study in the official language of your Member State’.

The approved report states in this way that the European Parliament “regrets the attitudes of the Catalan Government authorities”, not only for not enforcing the rulings on bilingualism and 25% of Spanish in the schools of the community, but also also for “bragging” about it. Thus, the Brussels Chamber “considers that these attitudes and actions, together with the harassment of the plaintiffs, endanger respect for the rule of law and the separation of powers, which seriously harms the law and the rights of citizens.”

In the same text, which after parliamentary approval will go to the European Council, it emphasizes “that judicial responsibility, the independence of the judiciary and the enforcement of resolutions judicial proceedings are essential components of the rule of law” and, therefore, “asks the Commission to enforce these values principles of the Union when they are violated by the Member States or when the Member States fail to act in the event of violations committed by sub-state entities in order to increase citizens’ trust in the judiciary’.

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To this end, the MEPs ask the European Commission “to use all the means at its disposal to act in this regard, in particular the rule of law conditionality mechanism, where appropriate” and that Member States “protect judges and prosecutors from attacks and political pressure aimed at undermining their work, in order to fully guarantee their independence”. Such a wake-up call for the Spanish authorities that, whether national or regional, that is, by inaction or by action, are violating the rights of children, in linguistic matters, in the classrooms of Catalonia recognized by the different courts of Justice.

Catalonia, like Poland

The Cs-Renew MEP and member of the Committee on Petitions, Maite Pagazaurtundua, defended during his speech at the plenary session this Thursday that: «The European Union has to enforce the rule of law as well when governments remain impassive before sub-state entities that violate it, as the European Union has acted in the cases of the municipalities that declared spaces free of LGTBi in Poland, And how should I act in the case of Catalonia, where there are sentences that the ultra-nationalist government does not want to abide by either.

The same report also adds that the European Parliament “shows its total solidarity and full support for all victims of terrorism”, “condemns the fact that governments currently in power negotiate with the leaders of armed gangs” and “regrets that there are still unsolved terrorist attacks, especially those 379 murders without solving tasks by the terrorist group ETA.

The report on the Rule of Law is annual and is prepared by the European Commission, which sends it to the European Parliament, an institution that adds to the document the considerations it deems appropriate and, after this, sends it to the European Council, made up of the 27 Heads of State and Government of the European Union. Although the final report it is not binding for the Council of Europe it does indicate, in this case, the points of improvement regarding the Rule of Law in the member countries and marks a line of action for the Commission and the Council.

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