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The European Parliament condemns the “setback” of the restriction of abortion in Poland

Pro-abortion demonstration in Poland

Pro-abortion demonstration in Poland

The European Parliament (EP) on Thursday condemned the “Setback of sexual and reproductive rights” of women in Poland following a ruling by the Polish Constitutional Court on abortion and stressed that its “de facto ban puts life at risk Women’s”.

In a resolution approved by 455 votes in favor, 145 against and 71 abstentions, the European Parliament stressed that “it is estimated that some 200,000 women end pregnancies each year in Poland and are forced to practice clandestine abortions“through the use of abortion pills and without professional medical supervision.

The resolution adds that “up to 30,000 women are forced to travel every year from Poland abroad to (…) obtain an abortion “, according to the text, and that this access” is linked to the payment of services, which means that they are not accessible to all women “, with which” only a limited group can access safe abortion “.

MEPs they “vigorously” condemned the sentence of the Polish Constitution and the “setback in matters of health and sexual and reproductive rights” of this decision that, they consider, “endangers the health and lives of women” in the country.

In addition, they also regretted that the aforementioned sentence was issued “at a time when sanitary restrictions” due to the coronavirus “seriously undermine democratic due process” and that “it was pronounced by judges elected by politicians of the coalition led by the Law and Justice party (PiS), on whom they totally depend “.

The approved text urges the Parliament and the Polish authorities to “refrain from any other attempt to restrict access to health and sexual and reproductive rights”, considering that such measures “are contrary to the principle of non-regression in accordance with International Human Rights Law “.

Regarding the protests that spread throughout the country against this decision of the court, the MEPs also condemned “the excessive and disproportionate force and violence used against protesters. ”

The Spaniards, divided

The resolution went ahead with the support of MEPs from the European People’s Party (EPP), the Socialists and Democrats (S&D), the liberals of Renew Europe, the group of Greens / ALE and the United Left (GUE / NGL).

For its part, the group of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) presented a separate resolution stating that the application of policies on sexual and reproductive health “is the competence of the States members”.

In their text, the Conservative MEPs showed their support for “the legitimate Polish authorities in the search for a solution that respects everyone’s life and that it also supports mothers and their families through medical and other assistance necessary for children with disabilities, “the text explains.

Spanish MEPs voted overwhelmingly in favor, although Vox positioned itself with its colleagues from the Conservatives and Reformists group (ECR) in the European Parliament, and the vote of the deputies of the Popular Party was divided between No and abstention.

Last October, the Polish Constitutional Court decided to declare unconstitutional the alleged malformation of the fetus, the reason for the vast majority of abortions in the country, tightening one of the most restrictive national laws in all of Europe in this regard.

The possibility of abortion was therefore limited to the legal assumptions of rape, incest and serious risk to the life of the mother, a decision that generated protests and massive demonstrations throughout the country.

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