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The eviction of a place with 29 people inside and the breach of the curfew center the night operation

Police control on Avenida de Dénia

Police control on Avenida de Dénia

The Alicante City Council’s Security Department reports that the Local Police has filed 31 complaints for different violations of the state of alarm, for the most part, relating to the curfew and the use of mandatory masks, and the agents have sanctioned seven establishments in the surveillance and control device, thus ensuring compliance with the regulations decreed by the Government to stop the pandemic in the city, and two parties have been dissolved in homes and attended to six noise complaints.

The agents of the units of the Night Service, Traffic and Crowds organized a static traffic control last night, in Denia avenue in both directions, where the Police checked the documentation of drivers and vehicles, denouncing 9 for breaking the curfew, unable to justify their trips, and 2 drivers have tested positive for breathalyzer.

During the afternoon, the agents in the surveillance devices of the compliance of closures, gauges, safety distances and excess occupation of the terraces in the leisure venues, has raised seven complaints, for different infractions such as exceeding the capacity and not complying with the safety distance.

Likewise, a police operation was organized to guarantee the closure of the hotel business throughout the city, assigning the different units to each of the sectors, and the center was reinforced with the GOIR and FOX units, having to intervene in a local of the Castaños street, which was evicted for having inside 29 people.

In this sense, the Security Councilor stressed that “the police perform an exceptional job with inspections and reinforcement of the devices every weekend with special vigilance in preventing the compliance of security measures and dissolving parties that are prohibited and they are one of the main sources of Covid contagion “, while celebrating that” we are checking a high degree of citizen awareness and respect for the measures against the pandemic, and appeals to continue avoiding meeting friends, meeting as a group and taking extreme prevention ”.

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The agents of the Fox units and the Night Service of the Local Police throughout the night, in the surveillance with traffic controls and patrols through the city, have raised 10 minutes of complaint from Saturday to Sunday, to people who have breached the use of the mask and two for consumption of narcotic substances.

Along with these interventions, the troops have had to return to dissolve two house parties last night in the avenues of Nice and Villajoyosa. Among them, the agents came for six complaints of noise in homes located on the streets García Gutiérrez, Mirian Blasco, Poeta Sansano, Zarandieta, Musician Alfonsea, Mayor José Luis Lassaletta at dawn, with complaints from individuals, and also for breaching the touch of remains, and that generated inconvenience and noise to the neighbors.

As a noteworthy fact, the agents in matters of citizen assistance went to Virgen del Socorro street, to attend to a mother and son, for poisoning with a medication, in Felipe Berge, with an anxiety crisis, having to move health units. As well as the agents also intervene in two water leaks in Diamante and General O, Donnell streets.

During the afternoon they had to reinforce and replace the tapes in the children’s games, since in many places they were broken. From the Police remind citizens that they are closed, and families with children under 14 who go out for a walk are not allowed to play in these spaces. This is a preventive measure in the face of the situation of the Covid pandemic in the Valencian Community which is, at the present time, a growing trend, with a very high number of cases.

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