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The ex-husband of Mónica Oltra accused of abusing a girl questions the credibility of the minors under guardianship

The ex-husband of Mónica Oltra accused of abusing a girl questions the credibility of the minors under guardianship.

The ex-husband of Mónica Oltra accused of abusing a girl questions the credibility of the minors under guardianship.

The trial against the educator, ex-husband of the vice president Monica Oltra, accused of abusing a minor under guardianship in the center where he worked has been seen this morning for sentencing. In the last turn to speak Luis Eduardo RI, as it had already done in the previous oral hearing, the conviction of which overthrew the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, has once again singled out (with euphemisms) the minors under guardianship as conflictive and liars. “They are very difficult children, they do not want to lie out of evil, but they are not clear about the barrier between reality and fiction ”.

Usually during the last speaking session that all the accused are granted, they choose to remain silent or to briefly re-insist on their innocence or show their repentance. However, the educator, who faces five years in prison, a penalty that the Prosecutor’s Office has maintained despite considering the facts as aggravated, has made a speech as if it were a new statement, relating personal information, such as the adoption of their children and a conversation with one of them after a fight at school. “Suddenly and suddenly I find myself in this nightmare in which I appear as a monster without being one ”. He also recalled the episode in which the victim attacked another educator at the center. “When he gets angry he knows how to hit,” the defendant pointed out about the minor.

The prosecutor has explained in her report that the fifteen-year-old girl has been an institutionalized minor since she was four and has kept the same version unchanged, without modifications, despite having declared up to eleven times and that no one believed her. Thus, given the special victim vulnerability, appreciates the aggravation of superiority, since the accused would have taken advantage of his status as an educator, working the night shift, the age difference, and was aware of the minor’s family uprooting.

In the same way, it considers that the two reports that led to the partial repetition of the trial are anomalous and a mere support that the court must assess. In fact, the report of the Espill Institute It was commissioned by the Ministry of Inclusive Policies itself, in the hands of Oltra, when the case was already prosecuted. Thus, the prosecutor has introduced that the Ministry should have sat as a subsidiary civil liable when dealing with a protected victim and to clarify the treatment that has been given to her throughout the process, arriving handcuffed to the trial before her statement as if she were the accused.

For its part, the defendant’s defense, exercised by lawyer Ana Cal, maintains that the minor lied with the sole purpose of leaving the center and chose her client because there were only two educators on the night shift and the possibilities were reduced. Thus, it has once again questioned the impartiality of the Chamber, the same that already condemned the accused in the sentence annulled by the TSJCV, who already introduced in the ruling the aggravation of the abuses that the Prosecutor’s Office is now requesting.

The events date back to 2016 and 2017, when the victim was interned in a reception center in Valencia due to her situation of helplessness. In the previous trial, the Second Section of the Provincial Court considered it proven that the educator went to the room where the minor slept and massaged the area of ​​the neck at the request of the girl, who had difficulty falling asleep. Once he thought she was asleep, he took her hand and masturbated with it, all according to the version that the victim has maintained throughout this time and after being questioned by psychologists from the Ministry, the Institute of Legal Medicine, the Institute Espill and in court.

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