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The ex-husband of Mónica Oltra is once again sentenced to five years in prison for abusing a protected minor




The Valencia Court has again condemned five years in prison Luis R., an educator at the Niño Jesús Reception Center in Valencia -ex-husband of the vice president of the Consell and Minister of Equality, Mónica Oltra- for a continuous crime of sexual abuse of a minor who was under the guardianship of the Generalitat .

The court admits the aggravating circumstance of “prevalimiento” requested by the Prosecutor’s Office and the mitigating compensation for the damage demanded by the defense of the accused. In addition, it imposes the prohibition of approaching within 200 meters of the victim, to her home or to any other where she is, or to communicate with her for ten years.

The convicted person will have to compensate the young woman with 6,000 euros as civil liability – which he has already paid – and remains disabled to practice any profession that involves contact with minors for a decade, half on probation, with the obligation to participate in training courses on sexuality education.

Against this resolution, dated March 17, an appeal may be made to the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, within ten days.

Luis R. was sentenced to the same prison sentence for these events in November 2019, but the court annulled the sentence and ordered to repeat the process partially months later. The oral hearing was held in two sessions between February and March of this year with the same magistrates. The defense appealed the first ruling as it had been ignored during the same two reports exonerating the accused and they questioned the version of the victim.

It was a psychological study of the minor carried out by the Espill Institute, the center to which Equality entrusts the evaluation of cases of abuse, and another file prepared by the Territorial Directorate of the department directed by Oltra based in part on the first document. However, the Ministry requested that report in November 2017 exceeding their powers, since the investigating judge had already issued an order to criminally investigate the events two months earlier.

Documents that were forgotten in a drawer and that were never included in the summary, so the defense could not use them. In fact, when Equality discovered them, it was too late and sent them to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office – after reviewing the case under media pressure – two years after it was written.

Thus, the prosecutor questioned the performance of the Ministry, whose technicians were asked to transfer all the reports up to two times after learning of the minor’s complaint to two National Police officers who came to the center for another reason. In his opinion, the Generalitat should have been a party to the case.

The facts that are considered proven in the sentence occurred between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, when the educator was working the night shift at this center for minors in the capital of Turia. The defendant went to the individual room in which the girl, who was then 15 years old, slept when she was punished for bad behavior, where he gave her consensual neck and back massages to help her relax. But once he believed that the youngest was asleep – he pretended to sleep out of shame -, took her hand and masturbated with it.

A situation that was repeated several times, according to the story of the girl, who did not want to report thinking that no one would believe her because it was someone related to a high position in the Valencian Government, although from the environment of the leader of Compromís She reiterated that she and the accused were no longer having any romantic relationship at that time.

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