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The ex-wife and ex-girlfriend of the King of Cachopo describe him as “aggressive” and “controlling”

Trial against César Román, the King of Cachopo.

Trial against César Román, the King of Cachopo.

Natividad Rodríguez, ex-wife of César Román, the King of Cachopo, has explained in the trial that is being followed against his ex who lived “many violent episodes” with him and that he is a controller, a testimony that another ex-girlfriend of the defendant has corroborated, who has assured that he killed several of his dogs and that, like Natividad, he continues to fear him.

“I lied a lot, in everything. He is aggressive, impulsive, manipulative, very jealous “, Natividad Rodríguez has said, while the other ex-partner, Sara, has maintained that César Román “is the perfect person to do whatever he wants with whoever he wants.” “I reflect and do not recognize myself,” Sara added before the court that judges the defendant for killing and dismembering Heidi Paz in August 2018.

Both have done it after a screen so as not to have to see the alleged murderer.

Natividad, who was married to Román for 14 years and they have a daughter in common who is now 12 years old, has reported that César – contrary to what he told the jury – still has a restraining order on her as a result of the complaint that he ended up filing, and after which he denounced him four more times for breaching that withdrawal. That is why he does not know where they live now or the school his daughter goes to.

This woman has reported two aggressions by Román: one against her in Malaga because he did not want her to take a nap with her eldest daughter, so he threw a bottle of butane at her and, by not hitting her, broke the rear-view mirror of the car ; and another to a niece of hers, to whom “pulled a moving taxi” when the young woman wanted to prevent her from leaving at that moment with Caesar.

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At that time he did not report, but he did so later, when they wrote to him from his eldest daughter’s school -not the one he has with Román- because he drew some drawings at school in which he summarized that he wanted to die because of the accused, and they recommended that he report the abuse.

“But when I went to the police station they told me not to file a complaint, that I did not have enough evidence and they are going to release I was going to go for me “, Román’s ex-wife has assured, who despite this ended up denouncing him later, at a time in 2017 that he has not specified.

Natividad explained that the daughter she has with Roman told her in 2018 that her father had a new girlfriend, Heidi, and then she was telling her that sometimes the mother of this girl took care of her, in whose house he once slept, if his father worked.

Since Natividad denounced César and his removal was imposed, she managed the girl’s visits to her father through relatives, such as the one named Giovanni, who told him on August 13, 2018 that César wanted to go with the girl on vacation in the following days, but he no longer heard from him.

Sara Lacorte, who dated the alleged murderer for six months, from September 2017 to May 2018 and worked in the offices of his company, has assured that she had a partner but left him for César, and has related that the accused came to impersonate a woman so that the one who was her boyfriend when he met would believe that he was cheating on her and leave her.

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Has appreciated that it was “aggressive” because once he yelled at him, hitting him during an argument and she is also sure that he killed three of his dogs, even though he said something else had happened to them. He also hit a dog hard.

“He is impulsive, he lives everything to the limit, he has a great power of conviction, of make you hear what you want to hear at all times. He is the perfect person to do what he wants with whoever he wants … I reflect and do not recognize myself. My friends told me if he had given me burundanga, “he said.

Sara has acknowledged that she went to live 200 kilometers from Madrid out of fear, because she had “an intuition” after seeing the character of the accused and that she psychologically mistreated her son.

This woman has said that Roman had a large, blue suitcase, similar to the one found on the ship with a human torso inside that was later attributed to Heidi Paz.

For his part, Adrián, the man who used to do maintenance work for César Román’s company, explained that “had violent behaviors”, like beating a dog “very brutally” in a chalet in Cubas de la Sagra (Madrid), where he lived with Sara.


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