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The exception that allows driving at 150 km / h without being fined


The DGT penalizes this type of infraction with severe fines, but recognizes that the speed limit can be exceeded in specific circumstances

Since March 2022, traffic regulations have been tightened, which means that a more expensive summer in terms of fines is expected. The General Directorate of Traffic wants to reduce the number of accidents in 2022, a situation that is not reversing, since so far this year there have already been more than 500 deaths on interurban roads, 18% more.

One of the most controversial measures of the new rule is that overtaking must be carried out without exceeding the maximum speed. Until now, an additional 20 kilometers per hour was allowed.

Violations for not respecting the speed limit of the road are becoming more frequent, as warned by the DGT in its surveillance campaigns. Running is not allowed although many play to the limit. In fact, there are more and more tricks circulating on social networks and forums to try to ‘escape’ from traffic tickets. ‘How to avoid falling on a radar’ or ‘how to get rid of a speeding ticket’ are very frequent searches on the Internet. The results? Many tricks that promise to turn your license plate almost into a ghost license plate and that it is not correctly captured by the radars, however, this could be very expensive.

Traffic penalizes this type of infraction with severe fines. «Excessive speed carries an economic sanction of 100 to 600 euros and loss of 2, 4 or 6 points of the driving license. And if you exceed the urban limit by 60 km/h or the interurban limit by 80, it becomes a crime,” they recall on their official Twitter account.

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In addition, the DGT has an infallible ‘weapon’: the Velolaser radar. The authorities have 60 units and their number on the roads may grow in the future.

There is only one exception to these examples and they are vehicles that, for reasons of testing or experimentation, have been granted a special permit to exceed the speeds established as a maximum of 30 kilometers per hour. Of course, they will only be able to do so “within the established itinerary and in no case when they circulate on urban roads, crossings or through sections in which there is specific signage that limits speed.”

The DGT has repeated actively and passively how important it is to respect traffic regulations. Especially, the one referring to the speed on the road. According to the latest Traffic data, in 23% of fatal accidents in 2020 speed was seen as a concurrent factor, only behind distractions and ahead of alcohol.

The new Traffic Law emphasizes this matter. Regarding distractions at the wheel, closely linked to the use and expansion of new technologies, the DGT increases “holding an electronic device by hand” from 3 to 6 points. To put an end to speeding, the DGT has decided to prohibit exceeding the limit by 20km/h on secondary roads to overtake. A very controversial norm and that could fall in less than a year if the results do not accompany.

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