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The exceptions for interregional travel in Spain this Easter (and the forms you would need)

After weeks of negotiations, the 17 regions of Spain agreed on March 10 to keep their regional borders closed to people based in Spain during the Easter period, while allowing tourists to choose where they want to spend their holidays in Spain. .

The country’s two archipelagos, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, were the only ones that were initially given some leeway, but the Atlantic islands have since announced that they will also close their borders (and even restrict non-essential travel between islands in the level 3).

The Balearic government, concerned about the influx of tourists currently arriving, is considering a similar measure.

So it is safe to say that if you are based in Spain, the Easter holidays should be taken nearby, be it on your island, city, province or region, depending on where you are.


That is unless you want to risk receiving a severe fine, which depending on the region can range from € 100 to € 600,000.

But of course there are exceptions if the reasons for traveling this Easter are not related to leisure or other non-essential reasons.

The justifiable reasons for interregional travel in Spain this Easter are:

Health reasons: go to a health center or other medical establishments.

Work: professional, business, institutional or legal obligations related to work.

Education: attending classes at universities or other educational centers, including nursery schools.

Returning home: according to the Spanish government, it is allowed to return to their usual or family home, which does not include second homes that people have in the countryside in another region.

Attention: attention and care of the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or other vulnerable people.

Banks and gas stations: it is allowed to cross regional borders to go to your nearest bank or insurance company, as well as to refuel your vehicle in a neighboring territory.

Legal matters: any matter required or urgent in a public institution, court or notary is a justified reason to travel between regions during Easter.

Renewal of official documents: it is allowed to travel across borders for the renewal of permits and identity documents, as well as other official documents, although in most cases foreigners in Spain have to deal with these official matters in their city or province . The resolution of other administrative procedures that cannot be postponed is also a justified cause.

Exams: having to take official exams or tests that cannot be postponed is a justified reason to travel this Easter.

Emergency: due to force majeure or situation of need. Of course, this is subject to interpretation, but the most important factor will be being able to justify its emergence with documented evidence.

Other reasons: any other activity of a similar nature, duly accredited.

If you meet any of these criteria, you will be able to travel between regions this Easter, although you will most likely have to fill out and print a “travel receipt”, a declaration form that explains the extenuating circumstances that justify your trip.

Not all the autonomous regions of Spain have made this document available yet, so write the words in quotes above in a search engine, plus the name of your region, before your trip to see if it is already available by then. It is also very likely that it will be necessary to carry other documentation that supports the reason for your trip.

These are some of the regions that have made the certificate available.



Canary Islands


Basque Country



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