Thursday, October 28

The Executive will limit mobility with some countries to stop new strains

The Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya.

The Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, announced this Monday that The Government considers adopting in the next measures to stop the arrival of new strains in Spain of the coronavirus that are appearing in other countries such as Brazil or South Africa, after the same was done with the United Kingdom, with which air and maritime connections are suspended.

In an interview in La Sexta collected by Europa Press, he pointed out that the Government studies limiting mobility with some third countries “seeking to isolate in the most surgical way strains that are going to appear”. “We have done it with the United Kingdom and more measures will have to be taken to prevent the expansion of other strains that are appearing,” he added.

In this sense, it has specified that the Government follows “with great attention” the strains that emerged in Brazil and South Africa and he has advanced that “in the coming days we will take all the necessary measures to protect ourselves from cases that are imported into the European space.”

The objective, he added, is “avoid the contagion of those strains that travel faster, that are transmitted faster and that make this pandemic grow exponentially“but it will be done” in dialogue with European countries and third countries “.

The minister has assured that in Europe there is a “clear idea” that it is necessary to avoid a border closure within the Schengen area as happened during the first wave, but at the same time “we are very clear that in order to control the spread of the virus we must also restrict mobility within the European area.”

Thus, in the case of Spain, he has referred to limitations in mobility with both Portugal and France. “We know that our citizens do not like this, especially those who live in border areas, we understand their unease but we ask them to help us with their responsible behavior and patience so that together we can control the expansion of this pandemic,” he said. González Laya.

Ask for patience

In this sense, the minister has asked citizens “patience, determination and responsibility” because “this is not the time to move if it is not strictly necessary.” In addition, he recalled that there are perimeter confinements and restrictions on mobility within Spain.

“It is important that all of them are respected because if we all contribute we will be able to break this third wave,” he said. “I ask all citizens and all autonomous communities to continue working in a coordinated and responsible manner” to limit mobility today with a view to winning it “as soon as possible”, he added.

On the other hand, it has not ruled out that in the future the Russian Sputnik V vaccine may be used in the EU and with it in Spain. Thus, he recalled that it is the community institutions that are responsible for meeting “the medical requirements of effectiveness and efficiency” and pointed out that if a producer is “capable of developing a vaccine that meets those requirements” then it could enter into the community market.

Thus, he insisted that it is a decision that falls to the European Medicines Agency. In any case, he stressed that the important thing is to guarantee that the vaccines that reach European and Spanish citizens “are effective to protect them from the virus and that through this immunization we can control the escalation in infections.”

Finally, regarding the debate around pharmaceutical companies, González Laya has insisted that the majority are complying with the contracts signed with the European Commission and has once again asked AstraZeneca for “more transparency” regarding the “difficulties” it has for not being able to respect what was initially agreed.

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