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The expensive and rare divorce of Julio José Iglesias and Charisse Verhaert | People

Miami is the chosen paradise of the Iglesias-Preysler brothers. The three children born in the seventies from the marriage of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler make their lives there away from the lights that persecuted them as children, in the place where they moved in 1982 after the kidnapping of their grandfather, Dr. Iglesias Puga . Chábeli and Enrique reside in bunker houses, away from the madding crowd, but Julio José — or Julio Iglesias Jr., as he likes to be called now — doesn’t want that. Their way of life is more popular. He has tried to follow in his father’s footsteps and carve out an artistic career, although he has only succeeded at half throttle. These days, as has been usual in recent years, it is his personal life that comes out in the media more than that longed-for professional facet that he tries, unsuccessfully, to highlight.

Iglesias Jr., who will turn 48 on February 25, has quietly separated from his partner since 2004 and his wife since 2012, Belgian model Charisse Verhaert. Their wedding was announced; their separation had been hidden in a Miami-Dade courthouse since August 3. The divorce hearing is set for April 22. At stake is, to begin with, a significant property in Miami. On Sheridan Avenue is the house that is the central axis of the legal battle of the still marriage. “It is not a hyper-exclusive zone, nothing to do with Enrique’s. You can go and knock on his door ”, explain from Miami people who know Iglesias and his surroundings. These report that the property was acquired in 2004 for $ 855,000, about 700,000 euros to change. “Now it is worth much more, easy two or three million, it is a strategic place,” say those sources. Still far from the more than 20 million that Enrique Iglesias cost in the exclusive Bay Point.

Iglesias Jr. has hired a powerful law firm to prevent Verhaert from meeting his demands, among which are to keep half the house and a monthly pension of almost $ 9,000 (7,500 euros), broken down into 2,000 for the house, 4,000 for travel, clothing and personal care, 700 for food and another 700 to feed your pet, among other notes. In fact Molly, his dog, is the key point of separation. Verhaert defends her financial claims on the grounds that she quit her modeling job because of her marriage. What remains to be seen is what happens to the house whose ownership predates your relationship. But while the separation process has started, various sources confirm that it is common to see them together having dinner in a restaurant. Julio himself has said that they still share a home, a strange behavior in a couple that was always more formal than real.

The marriage lives, above all, thanks to his income, which he channels through a single company located in Florida, Triumph Entertainment. Iglesias has released four albums, the last one in 2012 (plus another five songs covering his father in 2020), and he has some businesses like a magazine that is published twice a year and founded with some friends; also participates in a brand of drinks and food supplements. All this without forgetting his media presence. The eldest of Julio Iglesias’ sons has participated in television competitions, especially in Spain (Look who dances, your face sounds familiar to me) and has sat on sets in exchange for succulent amounts of money. When it has peaks of popularity, it takes the opportunity to perform at a concert in second-line bars or casinos in the city. “But he lives off his father,” they say from their environment. “Both him and Verhaert have never known a stable job, something they will do,” say sources close to the couple. They are known, but they do not have the category of famous of the first line in the United States. These days, the Spanish-speaking televisions in Miami bring up their divorce from time to time, but as sources from the environment tell us, “when the separation was announced, only two journalists from two showbiz shows went to their door, and after five minutes they left” .

The relationship between Julio Sr. and Julio Jr. is cordial. The world star bet on his artistic career but in the end it was Enrique who triumphed. The three Iglesias-Preysler brothers have a close relationship. Chábeli, who lives further south, in the Pinecrest area, acts as an older sister and likes to organize family reunions. Julio José and Enrique share their fondness for sports and moments of leisure, although since the youngest was a father, meeting times have been spaced. But after the breakup of Julio and Charisse, Enrique has become her closest consolation. They live 10 minutes apart although their lives are now more than ever very different.

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