Monday, September 25

The expulsion order of an imam accused of anti-Semitism opens a political gap in France

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, has ordered the expulsion of the Islamist imam Hassan Iquioussen, who has been rejected by La Unsubmissive FranceLFI, (far left populist), accusing the government of Emmanuel Macron of “repressive” and “Islamophobic”.

Darmain justifies the forthcoming expulsion of Iquioussen for these reasons: “For years, this imam has propagated hate speech, defending anti-Semitic theses, against the values ​​and principles of France, contrary to the values ​​of secularism and equality between women and men. ».

David Guiraud, deputy and parliamentary spokesman for LFI, responds to the Minister of the Interior in this way: “The minister insists day after day on his Islamophobic and repressive discourse. Democrats defending the rule of law must respond. The undemocratic arbitrariness affects Muslims today, tomorrow it will affect members of associations or political leaders.

In the opinion of the Minister of the Interior, Iquioussen is a growing public threat. The Islamist imam’s own page/chain has more than 169,000 followers on YouTube. On Facebook, Iquioussen has more than 42,000 followers. For years, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France has accused the imam of aggressive antisemitism.

Measures against “separatist Islam”

During the last twelve months, Darmanin has ordered the expulsion of several hundred foreigners in an irregular situation, has ordered the closure of twenty mosques and the expulsion of a dozen imams. The expulsion of the imam Iquioussen is inscribed in this wake, when the government of Emmanuel Macron intends to approve new repressive measures against foreign criminals and “separatist Islam”.

The very bitter and frontal response of La Francia Insumisa (LFI) reopen a discussion political, parliamentary, social, cultural and religious of a certain significance.

A few days ago, the Minister of the Interior officially wrote to the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, asking him for new administrative measures aimed at closing the bank accounts of mosques suspected of propagating Islamist ideas. In France (68 million inhabitants) there are more than 2,200 mosques and Muslim places of worship. More than a hundred, financed by Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, among other Muslim countries, are suspected of “illegal” activities.

Of the more than 2,200 mosques that exist in the Gallic country, more than a hundred mosques are suspected of illegal activities, according to official sources

According to the Home Secretary, a growing number of these places of worship are suspected of “money laundering” and possible “financing of terrorist, subversive or separatist activities.” There is already legislation of relative urgency to combat “religious separatism” (supremacy of Islam against the institutions and laws of the State), apparently “insufficient”. Throughout next autumn, new police measures and control courts.

Until now, this policy of fighting against the spread of Salafist Islam, jihadist Islam, had been accepted relatively unanimously. Macron and his government have the very majority support of the National Assembly and public opinion. La France Insumisa (LFI), the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the first left-wing opposition party, has many voters on the periphery suburban of the big cities, with a large multicultural population: his defense of an imam sentenced to expulsion opens an inflammable and unpredictable political gap.

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