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The ex’s curse threatens Don Benito

Christ was the revelation of Don Benito on 15/16. / E. Domeque

Permanence phase in Second RFEF

The duel for salvation against Águilas will be the reunion with Cristo García and Léo Santos

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No one can deny that fate is always capricious. An affirmation that in football is evident every time a hype has to distribute fortune. It is here, between balls and innocent hands, where the dreaded curse of the former arises: That soccer player who can go from hero to villain. A curse that Don Benito now fears with that capricious destiny that he has wished that in his fight for salvation he would have two old friends in front of him, Cristo García and Leé Santos. Two rojiblancos who used to wear the blue and white of Águilas today

Both remember their time at Don Benito, just as the red and white fans still remember them. Christ, despite that angelic name, was a little devil in the Third Extremadura. With 22 years and an overwhelming youth, the man from Toledo took little time to connect with a Vicente Sanz who enjoyed his pranks, but above all his scoring nose that drove the stands crazy. “I still remember that they chanted my name there,” Cristo recalls of a beautiful time also personally due to the birth of his daughter, “it was perhaps the best year and I would like to meet that hobby again.”

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However, that reunion will not be as he had imagined, on the contrary. “I didn’t want Don Benito because I don’t want to see this team in bad circumstances, but football is like that,” he explains five years later. «He was only 22 years old and it was special; now they are going to find a calmer Christ, who does not go to the limit and is less aggressive on the pitch». An injury has prevented him from shining this year in his return to the bronze category and he has not yet made his debut as a scorer in the aquiline team. One more reason to fear the ex’s curse, because if Christ has something it is a goal and in Don Benito they know it well.

Léo Santos defended the goal in 18/19. /

E. Domeque

And from the goal to the lock. Léo Santos arrived at Don Benito at the age of 19 to face the always complicated task of fighting Sebas Gil for the goal. “It was my first year in Spain, a time of adaptation, but I felt at home,” recalls the Portuguese goalkeeper, “it was a spectacular year, we managed to stay and I have very nice memories.”

From that happiness then to the sadness with which he has faced the week. “The draw has been very unfortunate, Christ and I are going to face people who have been our companions for a year that, for me, was also unique.” Little fortune not only emotionally, but also sportingly, because Léo believes that Don Benito “has very good and experienced players, it will not be an easy match.”

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From that unforgettable season he still has friends with whom he has spoken this week: «I have wished them the best of luck because from my heart I know that they deserve to maintain the category, but now what I want is for my team to be saved, we also deserve it» . The hype has wanted their paths to cross again and that only one, Don Benito or Águilas, can continue in the Second RFEF.

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