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The extension of the municipal budget of Cáceres supposes a cut of 10 million

Every government that has been forced to operate with an extended budget has recognized that this situation dictates much of being ideal. Cáceres City Council is no exception. Although the participatory process to set up the 2022 accounts began on February 14, administrative times are lengthening. In addition, the Executive chaired by Luis Salaya cannot risk convening the councils of the governing bodies or the plenary session without the security of knowing that it has the necessary support. And today, those supports are still up in the air.

At the moment, the city continues without a budget and it is not expected to have it at least until the summer approaches, which leaves investments and other projects underway at walking speed. Cáceres works with the budget carried over from last year. That entails having 10 million less input.

Exactly 10.4 million euros have not been extended. And not because the mayor, Luis Salaya, or his councilor for the Economy, María Ángeles Costa, did not want to, but simply, because extending public accounts does not mean that you can take the last budget that was approved and copy each epigraph of income or expenses. If so, Cáceres would now have almost 80 million euros available. 78.9 million was the figure that came out of the 2021 budget. However, legal limitations prevail.

PSOE and United We Can still not reach an agreement on the Cáceres budget

It is detailed in the Mayor’s resolution in which it is outlined that “it is necessary to extend the 2021 budget.” This is so “up to the maximum limit of their initial credits”, but according to the content of the regulations in force, specifically, article 21.1 of Royal Decree 500/1990 of April 20.

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It implies that a series of credits that affect four expenditure chapters of the budget structure cannot be extended in the accounts that are already in operation: 2, current expenditure on goods and services; chapter 4, current transfers; chapter six, real investments; and number seven, capital transfers.

As stated in the resolution, in accordance with the aforementioned regulations, “in no case will credit modifications or credits destined for services or programs that must conclude in the previous year be considered singularly extendable.” It is added that expenses that “are financed with credit or other specific assigned income that, exclusively, were to be received in that year” cannot be extended.

The number of non-extendable credits rises to 10,405,501 euros. There are about 40 games with their corresponding affected applications. They emphasize, among others, the investments in replacement of infrastructures that appear in the participatory budgets with 1.9 million. Also, the performances in the cemetery, with a million; the installation of individual meters in homes in Aldea Moret, with 520,000 euros and which, curiously, was a request from United We Can; 1.18 million in sports facilities, and the Ifeca fair pavilion, half a million.


Initiatives related to DUSI funds are noteworthy, such as the communications center of the Local Police, with 230,424 euros; the new premises of Aldea Moret, with 115,000 euros; or the 194,510 euros for the Smartcity master plan. Compared to the 78.9 million of 2021, the resolution of the extension for 2022 sets the ‘new’ budget at 68.4 million euros, without those more than 10.4 million.

The appropriations that are extended until the budget is available amount to 68.4 million; income reaches 68.9

Other budget applications have to do with income. The adjustments refer to the DUSI regional development fund; the sale of land (there were forecasts to enter more than 292,000 euros in 2021) and the bank loan of just over eight million. Revenues add up to 68.9.

The mechanics so that the affected games can be available forces us to reduce the bureaucratic load and the need to resort to credit supplements to continue working.

In the draft presented for 2022, 75 million euros are reached, with three million more income from IBI and filming. That draft is the one that UP will have to support so that it can be approved. Otherwise, the current exercise will continue to operate with the extension of the previous one.

It would be the second time that it has happened during a full year since the Socialists arrived at City Hall in June 2019. Then some extended accounts were found, which lasted well into 2020.

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