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The extraordinary story of the scientists sent by the Nazis to the Himalayas in search of the Aryan race

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chaefer, Ernst * 1912-1992 + Zoologist, Head of the SS-Tibet-expedition, 'SS-Scientist' appointed honorary Sturmführer in 1934.- with Tibetans at a banquet in Lhasa, 1939. at the E Schaefer center, at his side (l) Tsarong Dzasa, 2nd from left Bruno Beger, 4th from left Edmund Geer (both anthropologists), right Karl Wienert with the Tibetan Möndro.

Image source, ullstein bild Dtl / Getty Images


Bruno Beger, second from left, and others at a meeting in Lhasa, Tibet, in 1939

a A team of five researchers was dispatched in 1938 by Heinrich Himmler, a prominent member of the German Nazi Party and a key architect of the Holocaust. Author Vaibhav Purandare tells the fascinating story of this expedition that passed through India.

Just over a year before World War II began, a group of Germans landed secretly on the eastern borders of India.

His mission was to discover the “source of origin of the Aryan race“.

Adolf Hitler believed that the Nordic “Aryans” had entered India from the north about 1,500 years before and that they had committed the “crime” of mixing with the local “non-Aryan” peoples, losing the attributes that “had made them racially superior” to all other peoples on earth.

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