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‘The fair price’ returns from the hand of Telecinco: this will be its mechanics

Image of one of the new games of the new stage of 'The fair price'.

Image of one of the new games of the new stage of ‘The fair price’.

‘The right price’ returns this Monday, at 10:50 p.m., to our country by the hand of Telecinco. Carlos Sobera leads the new stage in Mediaset of the mythical contest, in which the contestants have to get as close as possible, without going overboard, at the price of one or more items to accumulate prizes and go overcoming stages to try to get hold of the final great showcase.

With a revamped look and the elements that made the original show one of the most loved and remembered on television, the Fremantle format also returns with Luis Larrodera as ‘the voice’ of the contest to present and describe the items and shop windows whose price the contestants have to determine.

As for the mechanics, ‘The Right Price’ consists of two Initial Rounds that include Bidding, Games and Roulette; the Semifinal Round in which the finalist is decided; and a final round in which the only winner chooses to take the Final Showcase of the program. All the people in the audience on the set are potential players, but only some of them, selected by lottery, will leave their seats to compete.

In the first round the presenter calls four contestants, who must get as close as possible to the price of a product described, without going over and without repeating the price formulated by another opponent. If everyone bids, they have another chance to bet again. The one who comes closest wins the product as a prize, An amount of money if you had hit the right price and also happens to play one of the legendary Games of the program, in which you can accumulate more prizes and money. After the first Puja, the presenter calls a new contestant to join the three remaining on the stands. This mechanic is repeated until four contestants qualify, who are the ones who will play their way to the semifinal in Roulette.

In Roulette, lThe four classifieds rotate a giant roulette wheel divided into segments with different numbers between 0 and 100, with the aim of getting as close to 100 as possible in two rolls at the most. The one who succeeds becomes the first semifinalist and begins again another round equal to the one described to determine the identity of the second.

The two semifinalists go head to head to determine the price of a new prize following the indications of the presenter. The player closest to 100 on Roulette starts by betting on a price and the presenter indicates if the price is more or less right before giving the other semi-finalist their turn. The two keep playing alternately until one hits the exact price and becomes the sole finalist.

The finalist is shown a showcase made up of various awards and is asked to do their calculations for guess, without going over, the total price of the products presented, with a margin of error which is determined randomly by pressing a button. If you do, you win all the prizes and if you don’t, you take back what you have accumulated throughout the program.

This will be the games of the new stage of ‘The fair price’

They are one of the most recognizable hallmarks of ‘El Precio Justo’ and one of the most direct channels available to contestants to win prizes. In each of the four Bids of the Initial Rounds, the contestants will participate in one of the challenges proposed in the wide catalog of games of the program, all of them based on the calculation of prices.

Mythical challenges like ‘The Precipice’, in which the contestant’s margin of error when hitting a price determines that the climber of the board falls down the mountain or crowns the top; ‘The Minigolf’, in which the player must order prices from the cheapest to the most expensive without making a mistake in order to bring a golf ball to the hole and thus win the prizes; ‘The Plinko’, where the contestant throws discs on a board in which there are slots with specific amounts of money and must relate those amounts to the value of certain objects; and ‘The check, please’, where the ability of the participant to calculate the amount of various items of the daily purchase is put to the test, are some of the challenges that the contestants will face in ‘The Fair Price’.

Not even two months ago, on February 12, the casting of contestants for ‘El Precio Justo’, with the only requirements of being of legal age, having intuition and wanting to have fun. Since then, more than 11,000 people have signed up to participate in the selection, which is the record of participation registered by the producer in its processes of casting.

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