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The family of the woman found dead in a sewer suspected her son

Sewer where the victim was located, in the circular image. / SOUTH

A brother of the victim reported to the police that the detainee had thrown away numerous belongings of his mother

“You could see it coming.” It is the most repeated phrase both in the neighborhood environment and in the most intimate circle of Ángela Mérida, the 60-year-old woman found dead this Tuesday in a sewer manhole in Teatinos (Málaga). The detainee for the crime, a young man of about 22 years, is an adopted son of the victim. And that headline, as shocking as it is, does not catch the family by surprise.

A brother of the victim left it black on white at the police station. The man went to the police station in Plaza Manuel Azaña to expand on his first complaint, which he filed on June 3. In this new appearance, dated the 11th, he stated that the family suspected the woman’s son.

The reason for this suspicion was the discovery of the victim’s mobile phone in a family country house located in Rincón de la Victoria. Another son of the deceased connected the terminal to a computer to check the contents and discovered that it was empty.

Ángela’s brother told the agents that they suspected that the now detainee had “something to do” with the location of the cell phone in the country house, when she lived on Carril del Capitán street, in Teatinos.

But there was other even more disturbing information that pushed the brother to go to the police station. According to what he told the investigators, the suspect had been seen two days after the disappearance of his mother throwing away numerous belongings of the woman. And he did it with the help of “other people” whom he put to live in the apartment of his parent.

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Arrested a son of the woman found dead in a sewer in Malaga

The brother’s statements were corroborated by witnesses from the urbanization where Ángela lived, who also told the police that both the victim’s adopted son and the people he invited to the apartment made “a lot of noise.” The woman’s other son was surprised that her brother did not tell him anything about the disappearance.

The investigation, in the absence of the definitive result of the autopsy, seems to indicate that the woman died of strangulation. Everything points to the fact that she died days after her disappearance and that her body was not deposited in the casket all the time, as reported yesterday by the provincial commissioner, Enrique Barón Castaño.

The agents of the Homicide Group consider that the motive could be economic, related to the drug use of the detainee, who -according to the family itself- constantly demanded money from his mother, which was a source of conflict, although she never reported it. .

The body was located around 12:20 p.m. yesterday after the National Police was alerted that, apparently, there was a body in a sewer in the El Hoyo area, next to Juan de Robles street, very close to the city. of Justice and the university campus of Teatinos.

Several agents traveled to the scene who, after verifying the veracity of the notice, asked for support from the Royal Fire Department of Malaga, whose troops were responsible for rescuing the body trying to preserve as many remains as possible, which will serve to clarify the case.

According to what the SUR newspaper has learned, the body was hidden inside a cover and, apparently, had a rope around its neck, in addition to other injuries that showed a violent death.

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