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The family to whom a wrong body was delivered receives that of their relative

The Madrid councilor Enrique López.

The Madrid councilor Enrique López.

The family of a woman who died of coronavirus to whom the ashes of a man who died from the same cause was given due to “a human error” You will receive this Monday the corpse of your relative for cremation, while the Institute of Legal Medicine of Madrid has opened an investigation into what happened.

The Minister of Presidency, Justice and the Interior of the Community of Madrid, Enrique López, has indicated this after presiding over a new telematic meeting of the Territorial Plan of Civil Protection of the Community of Madrid (Platercam), where the situation of the fires has been addressed forestry in the region, weather forecasts and monitoring of the pandemic.

López explained that an investigation has been opened at the Madrid Institute of Legal Medicine (which received both bodies) to clarify this matter, which is already being prosecuted.

The counselor, however, has congratulated the institute because its security protocols have worked “perfectly” in the face of “a human error that has caused the delivery of a corpse to a family that was not the corpse of their relative and that was detected in less than twenty-four hours. ”

“In recent years, the Institute of Legal Medicine has delivered more than 35,000 corpses and events of this type have occurred on three occasions, the last one this, and it has always been solved thanks to those excellent security protocols that have worked and will continue to work, “he stressed.

For this reason, he has called for the tranquility of Madrid society and insisted that “there are excellent professionals at the head of the Institute of Legal Medicine and that the security protocols work.”

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The Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Madrid informed last Thursday, August 19, to the family of MSB, a 65-year-old woman, that the ashes they had received were not his but from JSM, a 75-year-old man cremated in place by mistake.

The corpses of both, in a state of decomposition and deceased by COVID-19, entered the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences on August 4 to perform the corresponding autopsies, in both cases at the request of the Court of Instruction number 24 Madrid, according to sources from the institute and the Community of Madrid confirmed to Efe.

On August 5, the Court of Instruction number 30 of Madrid, acting as guard, sent a letter to the Institute to put the body of the woman at the disposal of the family to be cremated in Alcobendas.

But a day later, on August 6, Instead of the woman’s corpse, the man’s was given due to a chain of errors made by a worker from the institute, the funeral home, as well as the forensic doctor and the auxiliary who practiced a temporary conservation thanatological technique on it.

The Parcesa de Alcobendas mortuary confirmed to Efe that on August 6 the body of a woman, MSB, was cremated, although in reality it was the mortal remains of a man, JSM

The family of the deceased woman handed over to the Judicial Police on Friday, August 20, the man’s ashes for transfer to the Institute of Legal Medicine, after being informed of the error, and this Monday they will receive the corpse of their relative for cremation, which while so much has been in a cold room in the center, dependent on the Community of Madrid.

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In statements to Efe, the daughter of the deceased announced that she will take legal action and that she will request compensation for moral damages.

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