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The famous devotees return to enjoy Holy Week

Antonio Banderas, las Campos and los Rivera are some of the familiar faces who do not miss their appointment with faith

Easter 2022 is being the beginning of the return to normality. Faithful devotees fill the streets of the cities loaded with promises and among them, many familiar faces, which are concentrated mainly in Seville and Malaga. After two years with sanitary restrictions that did not allow the titular saints to be glorified, we have seen them excited and eager for processions since Palm Sunday showing off their faith. That is the case of Antonio Banderas who has been accompanying the Royal Merged Brotherhoods for 18 years. He is the steward of the throne of the Holy Mary of Tears and Favors and attends her appointment every year. This time, with more enthusiasm if possible. «During the pandemic I know that people, my friends have gone through very personal situations and have come to this virgin to ask her for personal things. All this helps a lot of people », said the actor from Malaga. “We don’t want revolutions, we want evolutions. There are many things to ask for », he said.

And it is that, for Antonio, the parish of San Juan Bautista is part of his most intimate experiences. “My parents got married in this church, my brother and I were baptized here. This is part of the story of our lives », he recalled. The performer and producer has been able to spread his love for Easter to his friends and partners. Thus, he has been accompanied by his co-worker and friend, María Casado. We could also see Nicole Kimpel and years ago Melanie Griffith even dared to dress in a mantilla. The American has not seen the processional parades in person since her break with the man from Malaga, however, on more than one occasion she has shown that she does not forget what it meant to her by displaying her faith for the Captive of Malaga on social networks .

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Precisely the Captive asked Terelu Campos to get pregnant 24 years ago, so he confessed this Monday to his companions from ‘Sálvame’ in a connection from the coastal city. And it is that, the Campos do not miss the Holy Week in Malaga. “For me, it is one of the most beautiful things that I can experience in my land,” she assured. Terelu shares these days with her mother, María Teresa, and her daughter, Alejandra Rubio. As every year they enjoy the processional parades from the balcony of a downtown hotel. The one who has not been able to share those special moments in the return to normality has been Carmen Borrego who continues with her professional commitments in Madrid.

In Seville bullfighters and artists take to the streets and balconies to watch the processions and many of them even go out as costaleros. On Palm Sunday we were able to see the family picture of Francisco Rivera together with his wife, Lourdes Montes, the two children they have in common, Carmen and Curro, and the eldest daughter of the bullfighter, Cayetana.

The actress Amaia Salamanca and her husband, the businessman Rosauro Varo, attended mass with their children and then watched the procession from a central balcony with Miguel Báez el Litri, who is already finalizing the preparations for his wedding next month with Casilda Ybarra. On the same balcony was the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete. Near the Sevillian capital, in Mairena del Alcor, the presenter and model Eva González shared the day with her son. She was not accompanied by her husband, Cayetano Rivera, due to bullfighting commitments.

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In the remaining days of Passion, we will continue to see familiar faces showing signs of their Christian devotion. The bullfighters usually accompany the Baratillo brotherhood, which has its chapel next to the Maestranza bullring, and San Bernardo, where José Ortega Cano baptized his young son. In the first it has been possible to see Cordobés or Morante de la Puebla. María del Monte, members of the House of Alba, Raquel Revueltas, Charo Reina or Genoveva Casanova are among the regulars. We do not know if Ana Rosa Quintana will be able to approach to venerate the Puppy of Triana, due to her state of health but surely she has the thought of her on Good Friday in Seville.

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