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The fan who offered sex to the singer of Il Divo and then threatened to kill him, sentenced to a fine of 60 euros

Carlos Marín, singer of Il Divo, received threats for months.

Carlos Marín, singer of Il Divo, received threats for months.

Is named Rosa, is 72 years old and has just been sentenced for a misdemeanor of coercion to Spanish singer of the group The celebrity, Carlos Marin. This has been ruled by the head of court number 34 of Madrid, Choir Monreal, in a sentence that Caso Abierto, the investigation and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, has had access to.

The sentence condemns the woman, resident in Barcelona, ​​to pay a fine of 60 euros (two euros a day for a month) to the singer and prohibits him get closer than 500 meters of him for the next six months. It also prohibits you from communicating with Marín by any means.

Platonic love

The judge considers it proven that, in February of this year, the fan of Il Divo started calling on the phone to your production company. What did he develop?a platonic love” by the singer and that those calls “became annoying, obscene and offensive.”

Then, always according to the sentence, the woman began to send letters that generated in the artist “certain restlessness and fear “.

Explicit sex

These letters originally contained explicit sexual offers: “We would begin to lick his whole body, especially when we arrived at the nerve center vulgarly called truncheon, penis, big cock” …

Shortly after, the woman continued to send letters to the singer of Il Divo, but this time the tone had changed and it was already “threatening, offensive messages, constant insults and humiliations “against Carlos Marín, his family and his coworkers. Among other insults, the woman referred to him as:” Child prodigy, ignorant child, imbecile, stupid, idiot … “.” It sucks, an ass, a toad, a liar, married to a prostitute “.

Threats of death

The insults gave way to explicit death threats towards the singer, as revealed by Caso Abierto. Thus, the woman wrote to him in some of her letters: “He will die ”,“ WE ARE GOING TO KILL HIM ”.

Alberto Martín, the victim’s lawyer, argued in his complaint and during the trial that “the contents of said letters threaten the life and honor” of the artist, who, since he received those writings “has not been able to sleep calmly, with the fear of thinking what they can do to attempt against life. “He added that Marín” is suffering emotional stress … he has been afraid of leaving his house and fear that the accused may do something to him, his family, friends, colleagues … “.

Martin has the sentence appealed before the Provincial Court of Madrid. “It seems that the judge has felt more sorry for the aggressor than for the victim,” he told CASO ABIERTO. He insists that the Il Divo singer had to change your “life and work” habits after receiving the threats, and gives as an example that he stopped seeing his fans after the concerts for fear that the woman was there and could attack him. In his opinion, the “dangerousness” of the fan has not been adequately verified, as the judge has not commissioned any forensic medical report on her.

The defense of the fan, for its part, affirmed that it suffered a mental illness to try to make it unimpeachable and free of any conviction, but the judge rejected that argument because it did not incorporate into the procedure, he assures, any forensic psychiatric report that accredits it.

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