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The farmer at the epicenter of medlar production

The farming plays a fundamental role in the economy of a country; is the backbone of the economic system since it not only provides food and raw Materials, but also employment opportunities for a significant number of the population.

Therefore, the figure of the farmer is essential, as highlighted by multiple companies in the sector. Safir Fruits, a fruit and vegetable export company, values ​​production and farmers since they consider that “the future of the product depends on them.” For this, from this company, which since 2020 is linked to the loquat in Altea, they bet on a renewal in the marketing and management of the product, necessary to achieve that increase in value at the beginning of the chain.

The union between farmer- product- customer is a maxim for this company. They also aim to achieve that union and that both parties are important, valued, and recognized, “Only in this way will success be achieved”, points out Guillaume Caldeira, manager of Safir Fruits based in Alginet and warehouse in Altea.

In addition, this company brings a new organization, with new lines of business, enhancing and intensifying quality, together with a better valuation and quality of the stalls, as well as financial support and security.

Guillaume Caldeira, Safir Fruits manager

In this sense, they place special emphasis on the management transparency and communication, offering a direct and accessible channel with farmers, with the intention that they feel that they are heard and supported, and contributions, suggestions, as well as aspects for improvement can be made instantly.

In the last 10 years, production has decreased due to the lack of new projects and the unfavorable results obtained year after year. As a consequence, this has led to a loss of safety and security. motivation for the product. Therefore, they aim to return the illusion from the results obtained, from the rbrand positioning and the product in the market and offer as a challenge to farmers to achieve the highest quality, to meet market demands.

Innovation and quality

In this way, Safir Fruits focuses on the standards of quality, working together with the Denomination of Origin of Callosa de Ensarriá to unify with all farmers the quality standards established by the DO. The company highly values ​​being a member of this appellation of origin, and that the improvements that are being made are recognized.

The high competitiveness of today’s markets is challenging. Therefore, companies with best results are those that best adapt to circumstances, having to face an increasingly global, dynamic and demanding market, which feeds on the new technologies and that requires constant updating and seriousness without limits.

The high competitiveness of today’s markets is a challenge

Thus, through know-how and innovation, offer an optimal quality service and achieve maintain a high market share. In addition, their years of experience in the sector together with their style of doing business have allowed them to have committed producers and loyal customers.

In short, Safir Fruits aims to return the desire and enthusiasm to farmers, unifying criteria and offering alternatives.

Safir Fruits has managed to reinvent the cultivation of the medlar, which is not an easy matter, since it is a very demanding crop that requires qualified labor throughout the year. In this sense, Safir Fruits has maintained direct contact with the farmer from the first moment, informing him and advising him on the needs of the current market at the moment that we are living with covid-19. In addition to all this, it is necessary to highlight the degree of transparency (informing the farmer at all times about the sale prices) and its rapid form of payment. In short, Safir Fruits is transparency, seriousness, excellence, effectiveness and efficiency. “

Juan Ripoll Berenguer

Ana Zaragoza Martí

For once I have felt a participant in everyone’s work. You provide advice and try to help the farmer, with a close relationship, like a big family ”.

Carmen Fernandez Lopez

Safir Fruits’ working method is based on transparency and direct contact with the farmer, continuously informing us of the market situation and making us part of the needs of each moment. We work side by side, from the origin of the fruit. This is how the quality and excellence offered by Safir Fruits are achieved. “

Maria Jose Delgado Robles

Pronismb SL is a newly created company, but with many years of experience in the sector. It is specialized in the production of loquats, as well as the realization of agricultural services, localized irrigation, pruning and farm cleaning. We are harvesting the medlar fruit from our farms at a good pace, and we hope that the weather will be with us.

We are very satisfied with the project presented by Safir Fruits, since we believe that it encourages the production of the medlar, so deeply rooted in our culture and we hope that new farmers will be added in the coming seasons.

We want to thank Safir Fruits for their good disposition, and especially Guillermo Caldeira, for making us participants in this great project and at the same time who has given us a part of these magnificent facilities for the classification and packaging of the fruit free of charge ”.

Sebastian Perez Martinez

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