Wednesday, December 2

The farmers of Novelda take out their tractors again to disinfect the streets

Novelda farmers spraying the streets to combat the coronavirus.

Novelda farmers spraying the streets to combat the coronavirus.

The Novelda City Council has resumed the tasks of disinfection of the public thoroughfare through the concession company of the street cleaning service and with the collaboration of the farmers of the municipality. Once again, as they already did in the toughest moments of the pandemic, farmers once again collaborate with the Novelda City Council by participating in street disinfection tasks with the aim of stopping the chain of coronavirus infections, which has been increased in recent weeks, which places the total number of affected locals at 88 since the start of the health crisis.

The disinfection tasks will be carried out daily between 07:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., so the population is asked to “Exercise caution during these hours, as disinfectant products will be sprayed”.

The Novelda City Council has expanded the restrictive measures to contain the covid-19 after learning of the increase in positive cases in the city which, according to the latest update by the Ministry, establishes 30 new positives and places those registered in the last 14 at 72 days in which a new death has been added.

Melani Sánchez, Councilor for Health of Novelda.

The Councilor for Health, Mélani Sánchez, has confirmed that the new restrictions contemplate the closure of the Oeste and La Garrova parks as well as the children’s play areas of all municipal parks, “Areas where large numbers of people congregate”. Likewise, all the activities that the associations of the elderly carry out in the Civic Center and the Francisco Alted Palomares Center have been suspended. “When dealing with vulnerable groups” and the visits to the Nursing Home are canceled in order to reduce mobility as much as possible and, with it, the possibility of contagion.

These actions complement those implemented yesterday with the suspension of activity in the Day Centers managed by the Capaz and Alzheimer associations and are added to those that are maintained in sports facilities with the application of the protocol that requires permanent use mask, which can only be removed during physical activity, passing through the areas authorized for disinfection and temperature taking and prohibition of public access to the facilities except in senior category equipment.

The person in charge of Health recalled that the disinfection processes started in recent weeks with actions in parks and food markets, as well as in educational centers where, in addition to intervening abroad, have been reinforced the tasks of cleaning and disinfection inside the facilities that are increased in a special way if a positive for Covid-19 is registered.

Mélani Sánchez has reiterated the need to reduce mobility, meetings and social contacts as much as possible since, she affirms, they are “Moments in which the guard is lowered and the danger of contagion increases” and has emphasized the measure and care that must be taken in social, family and friends’ encounters, maintaining all health recommendations and has stressed that in the event of any symptoms, citizens should contact the Health Center or the Ministry phone 900 300 551, in the GVASalut app or on the web

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