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The fat ghost who claims no one: “No lucky person has been identified”


The two Madrid administrations that sold the grand prize number are places of passage. I knew he was going to hit the big one. “

The lottery on Calle Toledo where 10 tenths of the first prize have been sold
The lottery on Calle Toledo where 10 tenths of the first prize have been soldEuropa press

No screaming, no champagne open bar, not even selfies with Gordo’s official card: the owners of the tickets awarded with 400,000 euros in Madrid disappeared. They vanished. The Atocha Administration, where 516 million were distributed, and the lottery office on Toledo Street experienced the falsification of the typical celebrations. “No winner has yet been identified”, announces this Wednesday Carmen Blázquez, the Arganzuela lottery. After 32 years selling lottery in Mar de Cristal, he changed Administration. “I knew he was going to give it. We had warned him. I knew he was going to come here to give the fat one.”

There were more people queuing to get antigen tests at pharmacies. The only ones who asked the lottery for the time were the journalists. The bottles were uncorked to wet the photographers. Some neighbor pimp was going over the decisions that kept her from buying the number. There was no sign of the lucky ones. The winning tickets, sold in two places of passage, disappeared along with their owners.

The last ten numbers were sold on Toledo Street. From 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on December 21. “I ran out of lottery. I called and they brought me the last ten numbers of the Gordo”recalls Blázquez. Both administrations share ownership. Customers without a prize come to congratulate her. “At my age I did not know that this could happen,” he jokes while posing in front of a mobile. “Yes I know, I don’t open this afternoon”.

Fatima Vera bought a ticket when she got off work, just when El Gordo had arrived. She has a video on her mobile of the line of people waiting in front of her to enter the premises. “I was about to choose the winner. I was going to take him. When I saw the 19th, my birthday, I changed. At the last moment I chose the other number and did not take the 8 “.

Something similar happened to the sister of Carmen Pérez, a neighbor of the area. He has approached the Administration to throw the Primitiva. “Is very bad. He doesn’t even want to talk about it, “he says.. Her sister, “very upset,” asked Carmen Blázquez if she had a lottery. The strip from Atocha had not yet arrived.

“No, but they’ll bring it to me in 20 minutes,” he told her.

And decided to buy elsewhere. “He had the whim of waiting until the last day in the afternoon to buy the tenth and it went wrong. He keeps turning his head. It’s terrible, terrible. “

The rumors about the identity of the winners of the 400,000 euros are the talk of the neighborhood. The doorman of 141, the next door, outlines a smile when he hears the question. A lady, fleeing by bus, meets someone who has touched her. Everyone is silent. “They warned me. The lottery companies have coffee here. ‘Come and buy a new number just arrived.’ There were customers and I couldn’t leave “says Varón, owner of La Terrazella restaurant, from the United States.

The fat ghost that no one claims:

Alberto is drinking coffee with milk at the Campiello restaurant. “I went to buy the lottery at almost eight in the afternoon. I told them to give me any number. They gave me the one that ended in zero.” Take a sip from the glass of cane. “Imagine how I am. Man, it’s mad, isn’t it? But hey, nothing’s wrong. If it had been my turn, I would count it. What difference does it make?”.

Couple on the run

In the morning, at the Atocha train station, the cameras focused on Javier García, the lottery who transferred the business on December 6. “I had a feeling.” Your customers are travelers. The tenths went out in all directions. The Administration, located on the ground floor, near the AVE exits, has a lot of traffic. “This is where everyone passes,” adds a security worker. Share on WhatsApp a picture of the uproar created by journalists. “We had another number. The machinists played this one”, says a colleague.

At 12.30, S. and N., a couple of hostesses who work together in the checking Upstairs, they left their jobs. They went out to celebrate and no longer returned to the station. “The bosses have let them go before.” They shared a tenth. A while later, S. celebrated his good fortune with a third of Mahou. Sended a selfie to a friend. “He gave her the tenth. The evil tongues say they were about to leave it. ‘In case our lives change’, you can see what he said to his girlfriend, and boy has it changed them “, says a hostess in a group of resigned. “We had another number. Too bad. Who knows when we have such a good chance of winning it.”

First prize of the Christmas Lottery 2021: 86,148

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Fat man came out of anonymity. The Lottery Administration of the El Mirador shopping center sold 40 series. 160 million euros. “I am super happy, I have already fulfilled what I wanted to give el Gordo. We have distributed many, many tenths of that number. So it is a huge joy, “one of those responsible for the business told Televisión Canarias, according to Europa Press.

The happy story of the day corresponds to a Canarian couple who had bought the lottery for the first time in this edition of the draw. “I wasn’t expecting it,” said the young man. “From now on, wedding and everything.” The young woman explained that, although they are receiving many calls, now they are only worried about the family and that with the money they could go on a trip but always “Keeping calm. We weren’t planning any of this, just playing.”

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