Saturday, October 16

The favorites meet in the eighth of the World Padel Tour

The small details became the key to the outcome of the first set, and safeguarding the service in the gold points would be essential so that both pairs did not fall off the scoreboard at the start. In this dynamic and at the height of the fifth game, Momo and Rico managed to overcome their rivals and consolidating that advantage, they were 4-2. Unstoppable from that moment, the Spaniards closed the first set in 35 minutes with a 6-2. In the second heat, Tello and Chingotto took to the track with a single mission: to turn the scoreboard. Soon they were ahead with a break in the fourth game that gave them enough confidence to continue to dominate the scene completely. Thus, the Argentines managed to revolutionize the game and with a resounding 6-1 in a matter of minutes, they tied the contest.

The world numbers one Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán do not fail and are running to win again


Confirming the good feelings of the second set, Fede and Juan entered the third with a break in the opening game. Disconnected and imprecise, Javi and Momo could not find the formula to redirect their situation, and this was used to the maximum by their rivals to consolidate that break with ease and advance with a firm step.

The second ticket to the quarterfinals was distributed on the Center Court with the debut in this tournament of the couple number 4 in the world. Paquito Navarro and Martín Di Nenno arrived in Alicante to forget Madrid’s setback, and faced Álvaro Cepero and Juani Mieres for a place in the next round.

Very successful in attack and impeccable in defense, Navarro and Di Nenno entered the tie taking full control of the first games. They were placed up to 3-0 in the light, and although their rivals managed to release their locker, Paquito and Di Nenno were going to deploy one of their best versions on the track to close the chapter with a resounding 6-1.

The beginning of the second was going to be similar, and soon the Sevillian and the Argentine would again take the initiative of the set. With another break as soon as they started, they were approaching the quarterfinals, and even more so when they extended that income in the fifth by breaking the serve of their rivals. After an hour of play and with a 6-2, Paquito Navarro and Martín Di Nenno confirmed their presence in the quarterfinals.

It was the turn of the number 1 in the world. Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán arrived at the second Open of the course with the desire to vindicate themselves, to demonstrate that level with which they barely had a rival last year. His opponents in his debut, two players who have started their project together this year: Agustín Gutiérrez and Javi Martínez. Against all odds, it was going to be Agustín and Javi who entered the tie with more determination and thus started with a break in their favor in the opening game. But the favorites got the notice perfectly.

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