Monday, October 3

The FBI drops an electoral bomb three months before the legislative elections

The legal impact on Donald Trump of the search of his mansion in Florida by the FBI remains to be seen: the Department of Justice has not provided information on what motivated it or what investigation of the former president it is related to. If it has to do with the inappropriate retention of classified material or material belonging to the National Archives, the criminal repercussions imposed by the Presidential Documents Law are not excessively serious and it would be necessary to see if they would disqualify him from public office, that is, to return to run for president. There is no doubt about the political impact caused by the police operation: it occurs just three months before the legislative elections in which the Democrats are risking their meager majorities in Congress -in addition to other elections for governor and state positions of importance – and given the possibility that Trump makes his candidacy for presidential re-election in 2024. The record was immediately used by Republicans to accuse Biden and his Democratic allies of a politicized aggression against their main leader, something they will seek earn electoral revenue. The polls suggest that they will recover the House of Representatives – in the Senate they have it somewhat more complicated, but it could also happen – and the scandal of the operation against Trump could cement their options. “This abuse of power must stop and the only way to do it is to elect Republicans in November,” said Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, the party’s apex body. Related News Standard Yes The FBI conducts a search of Trump’s residence in Florida Javier Ansorena The National Archives demanded for months that Trump return fifteen boxes of materials that he took to Mar-a-Lago. He only did so when threatened with legal action if he didn’t deliver Last year’s tragic and embarrassing assault on Capitol Hill by a ‘Trumpist’ mob did not weaken the former president as a party strongman, and now Republicans will seek to sell the record as the ultimate proof that Biden and the Democrats see Trump as a threat. The former president did not take long to use the operation to claim more money from his followers for his electoral platform, which is the party’s great collection machine. “Please immediately send a donation to publicly stand up to this never-ending witch hunt,” Trump wrote in a mass email, as he did via text messages reaching his supporters’ phone messages. . “This is not a simulacrum; unprecedented FBI attack on Biden, raid on President Trump’s home. It’s time to take back Congress,” the Republican party wrote in a request for funds. Republican outrage The outrage of Republicans and their voters with the registry could unsettle one of Trump’s few apparent rivals for 2024: Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, who gains weight in the polls as a safer option than the former president . DeSantis managed not to mention Trump and load the ink against Biden: he described the record as “escalation of the politicization of federal agencies against political opponents of the regime, while guys like Hunter Biden (the president’s son) They treat with kid gloves. Democrats have a harder time using registration as an electoral weapon, and it showed in their reactions. Few of its legislators showed signs of using it as an electoral card. Among the exceptions, leftist MP Pramila Jayapal: “This is what happens when you break the law, try to steal an election and incite a tragic insurrection,” she wrote on Twitter. “Donald Trump should be in jail. I’m glad the FBI is taking steps toward accountability.” More restrained was the Democratic leader in the Senate, Charles Schumer, who in an interview on MSNBC chose not to comment on the motivation for the registration, but defended that the “rule of law” must be in the political debate these elections and that his The party must defend it, unlike what Trump’s Republican party has done, in his opinion: “It is an essential issue and we must be careful not to give power to the Republicans either in the House of Representatives or in the Senate.”

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