Saturday, December 4

The federation attacks the CSD and denounces “a dangerous precedent” for postponing Sevilla-Barça

  • The federation believes that an unprecedented decision has been taken that interferes with the competition

  • “With this precautionary measure, the CSD has crossed a legal line that it had never crossed before”

In a harsh statement, the Spanish football federation (FEF) has attacked the decision of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) to postpone the Sevilla-Barça, set for Saturday, September 11 at the Sánchez Pizjuán. He recalls that the CSD granted the federation a period of five days to present its allegations, but “surprisingly and without running out of the indicated period, said body has issued a precautionary measure” unprecedented part “totally illegal.”

In this sense, the FEF believes that the CSD’s decision has been made by attributing “a jurisdiction that it does not have to resolve on match suspensions (the last example was the Reus Deportiu case)”, so “it is not going to request a measure Very cautious in the contentious administrative, but will go to said courts to litigate on the merits in order to obtain a final decision that prevents this type of resolutions in the future “.

The support of UEFA and FIFA

The federation demands an urgent rectification “avoiding greater uncertainty for those affected and for the Spanish football team, given the dangerous world precedent that it has generated.” The federative entity has received “the full support” of both FIFA and UEFA because it considers that the competition is “irreversibly adulterated”.

“The CSD, by adopting the precautionary measure issued today, unduly interferes in a clear, absolute and decisive way in the sports autonomy of football competitions, a matter of extreme gravity,” the statement said, highlighting that “it seems The CSD has not realized that it has jeopardized the fairness between the participating teams and the very integrity of the competition, based on the federative regulations that the CSD itself approved, thus acting against its own acts “.

“A precedent has been created that can alter the future,” says the federation.

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In this sense, the federation goes much further because it considers that “a precedent is created that can alter the future”, in addition to asking several questions. “What will the LNFP and the CSD decide when players have to leave for the Africa Cup or other competitions from other continents? Will some matches of those teams that they consider most relevant be suspended at their discretion? Will the CSD decide from now on the suspension from the matches of any other sport due to inclement weather or international calendars of any sport? Will the CSD review from now on all the suspensions of competitions and matches of all the Federations or only in relation to football? ” .

And the Federation ends its statement by stating that “with this precautionary measure the CSD has exceeded a legal line that it had never crossed before and that may have dire consequences for Spanish sport and for the CSD itself.”

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