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The female Raspeig Skate makes history

Skate Raspeig's women's team in this weekend's debut match in the OK Plata league.

Skate Raspeig’s women’s team in this weekend’s debut match in the OK Plata league.

The Skate Raspeig women’s hockey team of San Vicente del Raspeig has made history this weekend. It has made its debut in the national league where they fight to stay, after playing the first game against Alcorcón, in a match refereed by Bravo Gem. The Sanvicentero team plays in the league OK Liga Plata femenina. The club indicates that it is a competition that has been highly demanded by the different roller hockey clubs in Spain so that girls’ teams from all over the country can compete at the highest level. The Raspeig Skate of San Vicente del Raspeig, has been one of the clubs that has opted for this new category and has achieved the objective that had been proposed, to be part of it. “It is not an easy task since, if succeeding in minority sports is complicated, in the case of women’s roller hockey it became something else,” they add.

For the Sanvicentero club it is quite an achievement to have reached the national league. They say that, until now, in the Valencian Community, girls could only compete up to the junior category in mixed teams. Once that age group was exceeded, they could no longer compete because they could not play in mixed teams. In order to continue in the senior category, they had to move to another community such as Madrid, the north or Catalonia, where there are regional women’s leagues. “To open the range of possibilities and promote equality in sport, the Valencian Community Skating Federation and one of the clubs belonging to it, CP Patín Raspeig, have worked for years to form the Ok Women’s Silver League” , they stand out.

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And they emphasize that the effort and work has finally materialized and it is now a reality. And the Valencian Community is represented for the first time by CP Patín Raspeig. It is joined by six more teams: CP Las Rozas, Deportivo Liceo, UDC Rochapea, CP Alcorcón, Gatikako Iusturi and HC Borbolla.

The team

The Sanvicentero team is made up of Paula Montejano, Paula García, Claudia Landete, Camila Fernández and Leire Roche, youth squads formed at the club since they were little. Join them Paula and Marta Milan Y Rosana Teruel from Villena and Tania Blumhagen Y Estela Chacón. “We face this stage as an apprenticeship in which our players are going to put everything on the grill and the club is going to support them as much as possible,” they explained from the club.

Skate Raspeig’s women’s and men’s teams.

The debut of the sanvicenteras

The Ginés pavilion has hosted this Sunday the first match in the Sanvicenteras national league. The local team has faced Alcorcón, “a group of players with much more experience in the women’s league such as the OK Liga”. From the club he praises the local players. “Our girls have stood up and fought until the last minute the game and although it could not have been today, it was not a day of results but of making history in Valencian Women’s hockey.”

Currently the Club Patín Raspeig has two first teams. While the male fights for promotion to the OK Silver League, the females will fight for permanence in the Ok Women’s Silver League.

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