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The Feroz Awards elevate ‘The girls’ and ‘Anti-riot’

The movie of ‘Girls‘, of Pilar Palomero, and the series’Riot gear‘, of Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña, have been with tthree awards each the winners of the Fierce awards of this year.

After some uncertainty due to the pandemic and the forced sanitary conditions, the Feroz have been able to celebrate their gala at the Coliseum Theater on Gran Vía – not in Alcobendas, as planned – and have had the presence of most of the nominees.

The masks and the health safety distance have been constant at a gala that has tried to convey the message that “culture is safe.” This has been claimed by its presenter, Pilar Castro, who also had words of gratitude for the health workers who have been working throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

‘The girls’ has received three awards in the category of films: the one for best dramatic film and the one for best direction and best screenplay (both to Pilar Palomero). “Thanks to the public that has supported us and has shown that they want cinema and that culture is safe, to be able to forget what is out there right now,” he said the first time he took the stage.

In a gala that has bet on diversity, well-known faces such as actress Paca la Piranha, Esty Quesada (I am a pringada), Samantha Hudson or Asaari Bibang have been appearing to deliver awards. There has also been space for the memory of those who died in the pandemic.

“A very warm and loving hug to those of you who are having a hard time and saying goodbye to loved ones. For me, this situation is an opportunity to appreciate that I am alive,” he said. Verónica Echegui when going up to collect a prize. The actor Eduard Fernández, for example, he dedicated the award to his mother, who died during the pandemic and who could not be “fired.”

There has also been a moment of applause to remember Quique San Francisco, the actor who died last Monday. But, without a doubt, the most awaited moment was the appearance of Victoria April on stage, who has done it with paper in hand to read her speech and without a mask – she has not been the only one of winners and presenters who has risen like this.

The actress has apologized for his intervention last week in which he questioned the usefulness of vaccines against the coronavirus pandemic, assuring that he feels “a lot” if he has “offended people who have lost their loved ones.”

“I am very sorry and I apologize if in the press conference speaking without filters of the living I have offended those who have lost their loved ones. I swear that it was not my intention and for me all lives count. Believe me, please “, said the actress when going up to collect the award of Honor.

After being presented by the actor Jorge Sanz, Abril has burst onto the stage amid applause and without a mask. The interpreter has clarified that she was going to read her speech, which was written on some sheets, because “the patio is not for noise.”

“Thank you for coming and for this honor. As there is no noise in the patio, I have decided to make myself a chop because there are many people I have to thank,” he stressed, to later remember that Paris has been the city in which it has “undergone in this year so hard and so cruel for some”.

“Without struggle and without courage there will be no freedom. If you cannot heal, at least not harm,” April reiterated, quoting a few words from Hippocrates. He also addressed a few words to the president of AICE, Maria war, who was also present at last week’s press conference.

“This award is a lifesaver. During those dark years of the dictatorship, the cinema and its light saved my life and made me what I am,” he said. “During this variant and the one that comes, I am going to close. If you need me, whistle, I’ll go up: all we need is love,” he concluded.

Defense of Jorge Sanz

Previously, actor Jorge Sanz has defended Abril. “Victoria Abril has the quality that the trap will never be seen, you will always believe his character, whatever he does. Be careful with that of the masks, that maybe it convinces us all, “he joked.

“She is unique, irreplaceable and different from all the others. Long ago she decided to do what comes out of the comb when it comes out of the comb and because it comes out. She has become a great diva and does it because she can,” she concluded.

The winners

In the case of feature films, in addition to those already commented on ‘The girls’, the prizes have been distributed equally. The best comedy film has been ‘Rosa’s wedding’, the best leading actress, Patricia López Arnáiz (‘Ane’) and the best leading actor has gone to Mario Casas (‘You will not kill’).

Meanwhile, the award for best supporting actress has gone to Verónica Echegui (‘Explode explode’); the best supporting actor has been for Juan Diego Botto (‘The Europeans’); the original music to Koldo Uriarte and Bingen Mendizabal (‘Baby’); the best trailer to Javier Fesser and Rafa Martínez for ‘Lamentable Stories’ and the Feroz Flixolé Award for the best poster to Jordi Labanda for ‘Rifkin’s Festival’.

The Special Prize has gone to ‘My Mexican Bretzel’, by Nuria Giménez, and the best documentary in ‘The year of discovery’, by Luis López Carrasco.


In the series section, ‘Riot gear‘has been recognized as best drama series, best leading actor (Hovik Keuchkerian ex aequo with Eduard Fernández for ’30 coins’) and best supporting actor (Patrick Created).

The best comedy series has been ‘Vamos Juan’, the best leading actress Elena Irureta (‘Homeland’) and cast, Loreto Mauleon (also for ‘Homeland’).

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