Sunday, April 14

The Film Academy sentences Will Smith to a long sentence

We already know Will Smith’s professional punishment for slapping Chis Rock in the middle of the Oscars. And he’s pretty tough, albeit fair.

Will Smith killed the Oscars and, what is more serious, ruined one of the happiest nights for his fellow winners. Nobody spoke of them, only of the exit of the pot of Smith.

The Film Academy revealed a few minutes ago Will Smith’s punishment. The expulsion from the Academy was taken for granted, something that was not necessary because Smith voluntarily dropped out, surely to prevent this expulsion.

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences bans Will Smith from attending Academy events, including the Oscars, for the next 10 years. With a start date from today, April 8. That is, we will not see Will Smith at the Oscars again until at least the year 2033.

On which platform can you see the nominees for Best Picture at the Oscars

On which platform can you see the nominees for Best Picture at the Oscars

The “conviction” does not specify whether Will Smith may be nominated for an award during these 10 years. But this is unlikely to happen.

Will Smith has been quick to respond: “I accept and respect the decision of the Academy“. The actor is currently admitted to a luxury clinic that helps the rich and famous to overcome their aggressiveness problems.

This is the full statement issued by the Academy:

The 94th Academy Awards was meant to be a celebration of the many people in our community who did amazing work last year; however, those moments were overshadowed by the unacceptable and disruptive behavior we saw Mr. Smith exhibit on stage.

During our broadcast, we did not adequately address the situation in the room. We sorry. We had an opportunity to set an example for our guests, viewers and our Academy family around the world, and we fell short, unprepared for something unprecedented..

Today, the Board of Governors has called a meeting to discuss Will Smith’s actions at the Oscars, in addition to accepting his resignation. The Board has decided that for a period of 10 years beginning April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith will not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programsin person or virtually, including, but not limited to, the Academy Awards.

We want to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Rock for maintaining his composure under extraordinary circumstances. We also want to thank our hosts, nominees, presenters, and winners for their poise and grace during our broadcast.

This action we are taking today in response to Will Smith’s behavior is one step toward a larger goal of protecting the safety of our artists and guests, and restoring confidence in the Academy. We also hope that this can start a time of healing and restoration for all involved and affected.“.

Will Smith has also seen how his projects at Netflix and Sony have been paralyzed.

Most likely, before the end of those 10 years, after leaving the clinic, he will again apologize to everyone on television in the country, and demonstrate his good behavior, will smith be pardoned. That’s also very Hollywood…

But for now, it’s time to do penance.

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