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The fires in Castellón and Alicante continue without control

A firefighter was injured this morning during the work of extinguishing the fire in Bejís (Castellón). / EFE

The flames force the preventive eviction of the municipality of Sacañet, and a displaced firefighter from Aragón is injured during the extinction work in Bejís


The forest fires are causing significant damage in the Valencian Community, in Bejís (Castellón) and in Vall d’Ebo (Alicante), where they are still active at this time and the situation has become more virulent with the passing of the hours. The flames have forced the preventive eviction of the municipality of Sacañet, and a firefighter has been injured during the extinction work in Castellón. Meanwhile, in Alicante, the flames continue to advance, although more slowly, and have already burned 11,500 hectares, although during the night there have been no new evictions from homes.

Invincible and propelled by a powerful southerly wind, the monster that devours the slopes of Alto Palancia (Castellón) hovers over the already empty Bejís, Sacañet, Torás and Teresa and over a confined Viver. After burning more than 3,000 hectares, according to the satellites, and with a perimeter of more than 20 kilometers, the fire spreads uncontrollably in an environment as idyllic as it is perfect for a fire: the paths of rocks such as Escabia or Juliana make access impossible for fire trucks, so almost the only way to attack the fire is from the air.

The most serious situation since last night is recorded in Bejís, where at least 25 people were injured, three of them seriously, fleeing from a train that came face to face with the inferno of the forest fire between Masadas Blancas and Barracas, to the north. of Caudiel, in Alto Palancia. The devilish winds that swept the north of this region of Castellón throughout Tuesday ended up pushing the fire to the east and that is where a convoy that made the journey between the North station in Valencia and the Miraflores station in Zaragoza encountered the fire. Several people reportedly panicked upon encountering the flames, broke windows to escape the flames, but fell directly into the fire.

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Three seriously injured after jumping from a train in the proximity of the Bejís fire

Early this morning, nine aerial resources of the Generalitat have joined the work to extinguish this fire that began on Monday, and more resources have been requested from the Ministry of Ecological Transition and other autonomous communities.

11,500 hectares devastated

Between stupor and desolation. This is how the residents of the interior of the Marina Alta and the Comtat are experiencing the advance of the fire that began in the Vall d’Ebo (Alicante) on Saturday due to lightning and that already affects a perimeter of 80 kilometers. So far, 11,500 hectares have burned. Since 6:00 in the morning, the means involved in trying to put out the fire are the following: 30 fire departments from the Alicante Provincial Council, 13 forest fire departments from the Generalitat, 4 BRIFOS (Valencia firefighters). From 7:20 in the morning air resources are incorporated: 10 by the Generalitat, 5 from the Ministry, HLC of the Military Emergency Unit and media from the Region of Murcia and Castilla La-Mancha.

The erratic winds continue to complicate the extinction of this fire that has several active sources and that the 26 air resources that acted throughout Tuesday were unable to stop it. due to combustion, they are made up of water and ash and generate a very thick cloud that makes visibility difficult. Added to this is the difficulty caused by the orography of this enclave. One of the affected points is the one known as Valle de Seta where its neighbors have experienced the inexorable advance of the flames towards their houses.

Rest of Spain

At this time, various air and land resources are working to extinguish a fire declared last afternoon-night in La Garganta (Cáceres). Specifically, sources from the Junta de Extremadura inform Europa Press that the fire broke out this past Tuesday, the 16th, around 8:40 p.m. The fire “was complicated during the night by the gusts of wind”, and at the moment it remains active and various aerial and ground means continue to work to extinguish it.

On the other hand, the fires in Laza (Ourense), with 2,100 hectares devastated, and the one in Pantón (Lugo), with 25 hectares, are the only ones that remain to be extinguished in Galicia after the rains recorded in recent hours. That of Lanza, which began a week ago in the parish of Camba, remains under control. This fire was combined with the one declared in the municipality of Chandrexa de Queixa.

The other fire that has not yet been extinguished is that of Pantón, in the parish of Frontón, which started last Tuesday, and which is stabilized, according to the latest update from the Department of Rural Affairs on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, the fire in Ribas de Sil (Lugo), parish of Torbeo, has been extinguished on Tuesday night, after having destroyed 47 hectares (27 of wooded hills and 20 of low hills).

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