Monday, September 25

The first meeting place for owners of companion robots opens in Japan

The owners of the affective robot love Since this Wednesday they have a pioneering meeting area to socialize with others interested in these company devices, in the midst of a boom in demand for this technology due to the pandemic.

The space is part of the remodeling of the only existing Lovot store in Japan, where you can buy accessories and clothing for the terminal, among other products, and has been opened with the intention of “proposing a new lifestyle in which humans and robots coexist”, explained in a statement the company Groove X.

The establishment offers chargers to visitors to make it easier for them to come with the robot, which, as usual in this type of device, requires somewhat cumbersome charging states.

According to several surveys, prolonged stays at home due to the pandemic triggered feelings of loneliness among the Japanese. Some sought comfort in pets such as dogs or cats, whose owners increased significantly in 2020 and increased again in 2021.

Groove X says it has also noticed an increase in interest in electronic company devices in the wake of covid-19 and sales linked to Lovot have tripled in the last year.

The aforementioned store is integrated into Robotics Studioan area exclusively dedicated to products for robotic companions, located in the department stores Takashimaya from the central Tokyo district of Shinjukuand where other terminals such as RoboHon, Sota or Palro communicative robots can be found.

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It is the work of Kaname Hayashi, one of those responsible for the well-known humanoid robot Pepperbut unlike this one, it barely has the interaction capacity of a baby or a pet, since it was designed to be a “comforting” presence, according to its creator.

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