Sunday, October 17

The first rector of the University of Alicante, almost no time to land

The furniture does not occur to him to change it, he says it would be a superfluous expense. Everything else, it changes its place anyway. To paint they do have to enter and on the pictures, all from the University’s own fund, he thinks to choose others. And a little more.

The entire team of the new Rector’s Office led by Amparo Navarro for the next 4 years. | INFORMATION

Deep down, he confesses that he misses his law office, and he is not resigned to stop teaching, although the Statute provides for it. “At least the master’s degrees, because I like being a teacher and I would like not to disconnect completely with the students and teaching, but it will be seen because the first years will be complicated”, she admits, “I am starting a new stage, of course », Sentence.


In the next few days during the Christmas holidays and “except for the days that are strictly public holidays”, he will meet with the new team to complete the transition of competences of the previous team and undertake what he considers more immediate, “the revision of teaching dual”. They will organize various scenarios for the return to the University after the holidays, always depending on the evolution of the pandemic, in addition to taking measures for the next course as well.

As January awaits the university students with exams, the rector initially proposes that they take place in person and online classes, but we will have to be aware because the health crisis does not give truce and the new strain that has already entered Spain complicates it all much more. “Nor can the entire population be vaccinated and after the holiday periods a peak is generated in the pandemic. It is necessary to be very attentive and in permanent alert ”, abounds.

The rector does not give a break and, apart from the excitement of the premiere, her first performance as the highest representative of the University of Alicante has led her to appear before the rest of the rectors of the Valencian public universities, with whom the Minister of Innovation and Universities, Carolina Pascual, had organized a virtual meeting to present ValgrAI (Valencian Graduate School Research Network Artificial Intelligence), a Postgraduate School and Network of Research Centers in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that encourages cooperation between the best teams in the Community and high-level training.

“We have been presented with an attractive project in the making, to carry out research and training initiatives related to AI. It has coincided that today there was a meeting to present projects in which they want to include all Valencian universities, and it was an opportunity for Palomar to say goodbye and for them to welcome me “, says the rector.

Councilor Pascual explained to them that the Community “has known how to move forward with a strategy that includes the ValgrAI project and other leaders, such as the Ellis node that will be in Alicante. It is one of the pillars of the Valencian AI strategy and together with the commitment to the Valencian scientific system, they put the Community at the forefront in Artificial Intelligence ». The ultimate goal is for it to reach Valencian companies “to transform the economic model towards the knowledge society” according to Pascual. AI will be applied in research and synergy between groups endowed with 2 million euros in 2021.


And after this baptism of fire as head and representative of the UA, the rector signed the appointments of her entire team and, symbolically, took the baton of command of the academic institution from Palomar’s hands for the next four years. «It has been an administrative takeover and closed doors for reasons of the covid. The protocol, with the political and civil authorities, will probably be in January, but as of today I am the rector of the University of Alicante », he assumes.

It has been like “going back to the Rector’s house, to the office that other rectors have occupied before me, and it’s very exciting,” he reiterates as he gets back to work.

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