Sunday, October 17

The first round of the Barça elections begins

  • Laporta, the one who has asked for the most ballots, hopeful in the “honor roll” of the electoral party
  • Font: “We have to pass the cut, but do it with the maximum number of signatures”
  • Benedito, who faces his third elections, predicts that with the covid it will be more difficult than ever to pass the sieve

There is still a month left for the Barça elections and more than three weeks for the official electoral campaign to begin, but as in all elections, the pre-campaign goes on forever. This Wednesday, after a carousel of presentations and acts of pre-candidacies, this Wednesday the starting gun was given to the hunt for the Barça partner; a Barça fan who, to the general desolation of the covid, has added the depression of one of the blackest years in the club’s history: three coaches at the Camp Nou, zero first-team titles, the most humiliating European defeat and the fact of being about to lose Messi.

The most massive motion of no confidence in the club in 121 years has shown that, despite the dejection, the social mass was alive. Although, as in politics, it is easier to agree to censor a ruler than to be clear about who could make him put things back on track. The Barça electoral system is, as in the elections of many countries, a double round: the candidates will have from this Wednesday until January 11 to try to achieve 2,557 endorsements and go to the final round.

“Today the game begins, it is the kick-off. We are very hopeful,” he said. Joan Laporta, the one that has requested the most ballots: 60,000 “We have to pass the cut, but do it with the maximum number of signatures,” he pointed out. Victor Fuente, the favorite in the betting until the former president took the step and began to mark the electoral agenda by marking the first goal with the Bernabéu banner.

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Representatives of all pre-candidacies have been collecting the guarantee forms during the morning: Benedito 35,000, Source 32,009, Jordi Farré and Vilajoana 30,000 each, Emili Rousaud and Toni Freixa 25,000 and Luis Fernández Allah, 14,514. There have also been others who have collected the 4,500 free ones that the club gave, trying to give the electoral start-up a note of humor, such as the Uncle Faja and Ferran Estrada, a classic in all elections who, at 87, will appear again with his inseparable barretina.

“That there are so many pre-candidacies is good, because it shows that the club is alive. How many will pass the cut? I don’t know, as long as we pass …”, commented the debutant Fernández Alà. Benedito, who faces his third elections, knows that this time passing the sieve will be more expensive than ever. “There will be many difficulties in getting the signatures. I’m not sure we’ll get to the end,” he acknowledged, explaining that the health and mobility restrictions of the covid make the collection process more difficult than ever. “We will go house to house if necessary,” said Vilajoana.

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