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The first US troops arrive in Afghanistan for the evacuation of their personnel



Troops from the United States began arriving in Kabul on Saturday to help evacuate personnel from the Embassy of that country in Afghanistan and other civilians. According to the Pentagon, two battleships from the Marines and one from the infantry will complete their deployment in the Afghan capital this Sunday, with a total of 3,000 troops assigned to this operation.

“They have arrived, their arrival will continue until tomorrow,” a US official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

In addition, a team from an infantry fighting brigade will depart from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for Kuwait to act as a security rapid reaction force in Kabul if necessary, according to the Pentagon.

The United Kingdom and other Western countries are also sending troops as the resistance of Afghan government forces crumbles and fears grow that a Taliban assault on Kabul is only a matter of days.

While, Germany Y France Preparations have also begun to evacuate its diplomatic personnel and collaborators in Kabul in the face of the Taliban’s advance in the country’s provincial capitals.

At the moment, the German Army is awaiting the drafting of a government mandate that must be approved by Parliament, for the deployment, next week at the latest, of paratroopers from the Rapid Forces Division (DSK), to the evacuation of civilians.

Such a mission requires a mandate of the Parliament because the basis of the previous mandate is considered to no longer exist after the end of the Resolute Support mission of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

There are currently more than 100 Germans in Afghanistan, including diplomats and embassy staff in the capital, Kabul, as well as experts from other ministries and organizations.

Local staff will also be airlifted. However, their exact number is not yet clear. Only the organizations under the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development currently have more than 1,000 Afghan employees in the Asian country.

In cases of imminent danger – that is, when the life and physical integrity of Germans abroad are at stake – the minimum requirement is a decision of the German Cabinet as the first step towards a deployment, which may be followed by a decision of the Bundestag.

Afghan agents carry out roadblocks in Kabul
Afghan agents carry out roadblocks in Kabul – Afp

France is trying the same with its local staff and other vulnerable populations, according to the Elysee, which has announced “extraordinary efforts»For Afghan artists, journalists and activists to receive French visas.

Between May and July, 625 Afghans employed by the French state and non-governmental organizations were able to enter France with their families. Hundreds of local employees, mostly interpreters, have moved to France in recent years.

After the fall of the second and third most important cities in the country, Kandahar and Herat, respectively, the Taliban have taken control of Pul-e-Alama, 70 kilometers from the capital, and a source cited by the AP agency He maintains that they have already reached the Char Asyab district, just 11 kilometers away, practically on the outskirts.

Destruction of sensitive material

A US defense official acknowledged concerns that the Taliban, ousted from power in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks, could advance to Kabul in the next few days. “Kabul is not in an environment of imminent threat right now, but clearly, if you just look at what the Taliban have been doing, you can see that they are trying to isolate Kabul,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

In the last hours it has been known that the United States has begun to plan the total closure of your Embassy in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, before the advance of the insurgency, as reported by multiple sources close to the procedure to the ‘Politico’ news portal.

Some embassies have started burning sensitive material before evacuation, according to diplomatic sources. The US legation informed its staff of the availability of bins and an incinerator to destroy material, including papers and electronic devices, in order to “reduce the amount of sensitive material in the facilities,” according to a notice to which it had access. Reuters.

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