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The first violent attack on the Capitol in 206 years was not a coup, but an act of vandalism

The assault on Congress, therefore, was more of an act of vandalism than a coup. An act of vandalism incited by Donald Trump and consented to by him, given that the Executive took more than two hours to send reinforcements

Trump supporters take the Capitol this mi
Trump supporters take to the Capitol this Wednesday in Washington.THOMAS P. COSTELLO/USA TODAYvia REUTERS

The last time the United States Congress had been stormed was on August 24, 1814. It was done by a foreign Army defending a King, George III.

The soldiers burned it whole. The conflict, known in the US as the War of 1812, plays a very important role in American iconography, because it was in the next battle, in Baltimore City, Maryland, that amateur poet Francis Scott Key composed the poem ‘ The Defense of Fort M’Henry’. The poem became very popular, and people began to sing it to the music of an English folk song. In 1931, Congress made it the national anthem of the United States.

This Wednesday, however, it was Americans who stormed the Capitol. They did it spontaneously, without any plan. The best proof that the assault was not prepared is that, once inside, the mob did not know what to do. The first images even showed people walking with exquisite politeness through the room in which the corpses of the people who receive State honors are displayed without even touching the laces that indicate where visitors should pass. They behaved better than the average tourist.

When they were emboldened, they dedicated themselves to doing the ass: to take photos in the armchairs of the House of Representatives; to jump from bench to bench; to pour the foam from the extinguisher on the floor of the Lyndon B. Johnson Room; to put your feet on the desk of the office of the president of that legislative body, Nancy Pelosi, and leave her a note saying “We will not back down.”

Nancy Pelosi's office on Capitol Hill with the assailants' message.
Nancy Pelosi’s office on Capitol Hill with the assailants’ message.SAUL LOEBAFP

It is as if Herero, after the “sit down, coo” had asked to take a picture with Landline Lavilla’s boots on the table, and then he had returned to the barracks. People, glued to the television, thought that at any moment they would see the flames coming out of the windows of the gigantic Capitol building ( The US Congress is so monstrously large that it has a subway train connecting different buildings). But no. Nothing at all. This is to a coup what Facebook is to the Soviets. As the former French ambassador to Washington tweeted this viperinately, Guard Fraud, Americans have a lot to learn when it comes to making revolutions.

The assault on Congress, then, was more an act of vandalism than a hit. An act of vandalism incited by Donald Trump and consented to by him, given that the Executive more than two hours to send in reinforcements. It was a reflection of the Trump presidency: no plan, no strategy, but with knock-offs. The same, too, as the accusations of electoral fraud. More than 80 legal processes launched, the last of them on Saturday, and not a single victory. 80-0. That’s losing big.

It is tempting to think that this is just a ‘reality show’. But that is misleading. There were four dead, one of them, Ashli ​​Babbitt, by firearm, when the riot police shot him inside the building. There have also been 52 detainees. AND the political and institutional damage is done. The images have been, in the right words of George W. Bush – also Republican, like Trump – typical of a banana republic. No hymn will come out of this conflict. Maybe a reaggeton or hiphop hit to be sung by Rihanna half naked and with her feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s table.

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