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The first weekend of Gastronomic Alicante starts to overflow

First weekend of Gastronomic Alicante

First weekend of Gastronomic Alicante
Matías Segarra

It was not even twelve o’clock and the parking lot of the Alicante Fair Institution (IFA) it already numbered hundreds and hundreds of cars. The start of the first day of the Alicante Gastronomic weekend, the III Meeting of Mediterranean Lifestyle, has received a great reception from early in the morning, with an audience loaded with both culinary experts and visitors wanting to taste the best dishes.

Among others, the morning was marked by the presentation of Gastro Cinema, a new film festival created to merge both disciplines. ‘The objective is to promote gastronomy linked to cinema. Together they make a perfect pairing ‘, explained Vicente Seva, director of the festival, who has also announced a long list of activities that will take place between October 25 and 30. The MARQ gardens will host this first film edition.

First weekend of Gastronomic Alicante Matías Segarra

On stage, during the presentation, they have also been present Javier Diaz, general director Aguas de Alicante; Mª Dolores Mejía, general director of Mercalicante, and Catalina Iliescu, Vice-rector for Culture of the University of Alicante. At the last moment, he has also stepped on the stage Susi Diaz, the Michelin star, who in addition to his great participation in Alicante Gastronómica, is the star of one of the Gastro Cinema shorts.

“It occurred to someone to make a short of my life,” said Díaz, while he has made a small review of his career and has acknowledged having a “very bad time” to get where he is. “If with this we help two people to achieve his dream, I am happy “, explained the expert.” Uniting something as beautiful as cinema and gastronomy is something wonderful, “she added.

Meanwhile, activities of each and every one of the sectors that surround the world of gastronomy were taking place throughout the premises. At the edge of 1 pm, getting a table to have a tapa was just as difficult as doing it in a square at parties. Alicante residents have not missed the appointment with Alicante Gastronomica. This has been marked by the large influx and the great queue that has formed at the doors of the pavilions at the edge of 2:00 p.m.

First weekend of Gastronomic Alicante Matías Segarra

The outsiders have not missed the meeting either. Paco García, a worker at the Montesano factory, in Extremadura, was holding a good plate of ham, the specialty of his sector, and iinvited visitors to taste a piece. Lor it did together with the National Ham Cutters Contest Exhibition, at Espai L’Exquisit Mediterrani. “We come from Extremadura after spending three full days in the factory choosing the best hams to bring them here,” said this worker, a member of the hams warehouse and distribution staff.

A few meters ahead, people gathered curiously next to Ciri González’s stove, from the La Encina restaurant, in Palencia. She is one of the winners of the XIV Spanish Spanish Tortilla Championship, Tescoma Trophy, that was held yesterday in Alicante Gastronomy and that today it has continued to prepare its star dish. “It is always a joy to receive an award”, González has pointed out, winner of four editions.

The Minister of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor, Rafa Climent, has visited IFA this morning, and has been encouraged to taste some of the dishes shown by the exhibitors. During the morning and afternoon, they will continue to carry out numerous activities, among which the children’s final of the Best Mediterranean Rice Competition, in which the youngest are submitted to the evaluation of a jury chaired by Susi Diaz.

First weekend of Gastronomic Alicante Matías Segarra

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