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The five quilts with which the Spanish brand wants to dress your bed

Mango |  The warmest quilts from the Spanish fashion brand

Mango | The warmest quilts from the Spanish fashion brand

Zara Home, H&M, Primark … there are many large clothing brands that have increased their catalog by offering products for the home. Household items, textiles, candles … many products for the home that are now sold in these clothing stores that it has joined for a long time. Mango.

The Spanish fashion brand offers us products for renew the textiles of our bed. We have dived on their website and we have found some quilts of cotton, velvet and linen that will give your room a classic and elegant touch.

Mango Quilts

Both cheaper quilts of the Spanish firm have a price of 99,99 euros. They are 100% cotton with padded diamonds and measure 230×250 centimeters. They are sold exclusively through their website and include filler. Both garments are “Committed”, Which according to the website are products that have been made with fibers and / or sustainable production processes, thus reducing their environmental impact.

These two quilts are available in a light purple and khaki green. In addition, this latest model has the possibility of combining it with a matching 60×60-centimeter cushion cover (19,99 euros) and a textured cotton blanket (39,99 euros).

Mango | These cotton duvets will give your bed a very warm touch MANGO

If you prefer velvet to dress your bed and stay warm at night, you can opt for this one from Mango in mustard and plaid. It has measures of 230×250 and costs 149,99 euros. Thanks to its warm 100% cotton fabric, it is perfect for the coldest nights. In addition, it also joins the “Commited” range. You also have the matching cushion cover.

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The same quilt but with a striped design you have it in maroon. This touch gives a classic atmosphere a touch of special color without departing from this classic line. It has the same measurements and price as the previous one.

Mango | Velvet comforters always give a touch of warmth to winter MANGO

And if you like linen more, you can opt for a padded one that has a price of 179,99 euros. You have this one in different colors: orange, blue and light gray and it is sold exclusively through the website.

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