Sunday, August 14

The Flethes brothers regain first place with one day to go




Impressive third round of the 420 Spanish Championship in the Bay of Cadiz, where the South wind ruled today, blowing between 15 and 20 knots of intensity. Only a fleet of the quality that meets these days in the waters of Cadiz would be able to maintain its type at the starts and be up to the task in the multiple commitments at the beacon crossings. The experience today on the field of play was a plus, which together with the talent and physical strength means that in the face of the grand final there is still almost everything to do among the applicants. That is the case of the Andalusian crews Fernando and Carlos Flethes and the Balearic crews Marc Mesquida and Ramón Jaume Villanueva, who after nine tests, insist on keeping the tension at its highest level.

The crew of the CN Puerto Sherry formed by Fernando and Carlos Flethes, recovers the first place with three points of rent over the Balearic Mesquida and Villanueva, points that became seven after today’s second race and eighth of the championship. The locals returned to the lead from the first test of this third day with 4th place against 11th for the visitors, increasing the advantage in the following test in which the Flethes entered fifth and the Balearic Islands seventh. After that, Mesquida and Villanueva scrambled to score a 2nd place that, with a 6th place from Puerto Sherry, gave them back all the options for the absolute title, since the one in the Under 19 category does not seem to be in danger.

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The Balearic sailors from CN Arenal, María Perelló and Marta Cardona, also regain leadership, who are again third and first absolute females and Sub 19, ahead of the Canarian sisters Paula and Isabel Laiseca who lose positions and female leadership with a disqualified yesterday . At the gates of the podium are the Canarians Jaime Ayarza and Mariano Hernández who use the discard of a first puncture and a 4th and 11th to maintain second place Under 19, followed by the crew of the Balearic Islands Ian Clive and Finn Dicke, who despite having their best day today with a 2nd, 3rd and 1st place, drop to eighth place in the general classification due to the discarding of a penalty in the previous day.

Changes also for the final day in the Under 17 category, where the new provisional champions are the current champions of the Spanish Cup, the RCN Arrecife sailors Miguel Ángel Morales and Alejandro Martín, followed by Marisa Alexandra Vicens and Fernando Barceló del CN Arenal, and the first female crew made up of Nicola Jane Sadler and Sofía Cavaco, also from the Balearic Islands, tied on points with the Brazilians Joana Gonsalves and Luisa Madureira who do not pose a danger in the national.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, the last day of testing, it seems that the wind from the South will continue, although with less force. With three other races on the bill, after the regatta the trophies will be awarded to the six new champions of Spain, of the absolute and the Under 19 and Under 17 categories, in their male and female versions.

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The 420 Spanish Championship, which will come to an end tomorrow, Sunday, in the waters of the Bay of Cadiz, is based at the Bahía de Cádiz Specialized Center for Technification in Sports Sailing, headquarters of the Andalusian Sailing Federation, organizer of the regatta by delegation of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation and the national secretariat of the 420 class.

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