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The former municipal secretary takes his salary claim for Cáceres 2016 to the TSJEx

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The Ministry of Culture admits that it is attentive to the resolution of the conflict to liquidate the consortium, after 11 years

Manuel M. Nunez

The former municipal and Cáceres 2016 secretary, Manuel Aunión, has appealed the ruling of the Contentious-Administrative Court number 1, which ruled out that he should charge just over 93,000 euros for his work in the consortium. These are amounts that the official attributes to his work between December 2010 and 2015. The judge of first instance concludes that he does not correspond to him. He reviews the ruling that between December 2010 and June 2011 the work was carried out by the municipal deputy secretary, while from June 2011 onwards the consortium “is dissolved and in liquidation.”

However, more than a decade after the dissolution of Cáceres 2016 was agreed, the consortium that was formed for the city to aspire to cultural capital status has not been closed. It is true that it is no longer active and that it lacks operations, but for all purposes it continues to be part of the conglomerate of foundations, commercial companies, organizations and entities that are part of the public sector. This is reflected in the inventory of public entities of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, which details the existence of 17 consortiums in the region. The one that heads that list is precisely Cáceres 2016. It was established on June 23, 2006.

It has its own CIF and reference code. Cáceres 2016 is still in a registered situation, notes the Ministry, which refers to its public accounting system. Despite this, the data available is minimal, the most recent being the one that refers to the legal claim of the former secretary. This dispute is going to lengthen the liquidation of the consortium even more, since the Superior Court of Justice of Extremadura (TSJEx) will have to rule on the course of that demand.

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Aunión had been appointed secretary of Cáceres 2016 in October 2007 and, according to the sentence, a remuneration regime of 1,522.40 euros was set for him. On January 30, 2008, the consortium’s executive commission established that the salary would be equivalent to 22 percent of the income received from the Consistory.

After the appeal was dismissed at first instance, what the former secretary has done through his lawyer has been to file a new appeal. In this case, before the TSJEx. The Contentious-Administrative room will now be the one that dictates sentence. This situation lengthens over time the continuity of the Cáceres 2016 consortium as a public entity, without being liquidated and on the list of public bodies, which has also been previously confirmed by the Court of Auditors. In information published by HOY in 2015, it was already noted that the TC warned that the liquidation process was taking too long.

After the ruling that condemned the payment of 1.7 million euros to Placonsa, for the remodeling work of the Plaza Mayor, the representatives of the 2016 entities (Diputaciones, Ayuntamiento, Junta, Caja de Extremadura…) approved « settlement commitments. “When this procedure definitively concludes, it will be time to remove the Cáceres 2016 Consortium from the registry,” the Board reported in 2015. Now, to TODAY’s inquiries, from the Ministry of Culture it is clarified that “at the moment the margin of litigation that remains for the former secretary of the City Council is being studied to finalize the liquidation of the Consortium.” In this way, the definitive shelving for 2016 will come in the TSJEx itself, when it rules on the 93,000 euros that are still claimed.

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93,176 euros of claim

93,176 euros is the amount claimed by the former secretary for his work in Cáceres 2016. The Contentious-Administrative Court dismissed his appeal in April.

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