Monday, November 29

The former president of Valencia CF, before the judge for abuse

Pedro Cortés, minutes before entering the Paterna Courthouse with his lawyer.

Pedro Cortés, minutes before entering the Paterna Courthouse with his lawyer.

He expresidente del Valencia CF and, until his arrest, delegate of the soccer team Pedro Cortes appeared yesterday, for the first time, before the investigating judge number 1 of Paterna to respond, as investigated, in the case opened against him for alleged sexual abuse of a 16-year-old boy, a school student Valencianist.

Cortés, who arrived on time for his 10:30 am appointment with the judge, denied everything. From the phrases of high sexual content that the adolescent claims he whispered in his ear during a meal with Cortés’s family in a restaurant, to the touching in the car when he returned it that Sunday afternoon to the club’s academy.

He has only acknowledged having sent him a series of messages through WhatsApp, which the minor provided to the Police and the judge and which, therefore, are contributed to the cause. Yes, the former Valencian president tried yesterday to strip those messages of any sexual connotation, despite the harshness of some of them.

The statement by Pedro Cortés, 74 years old, is the last diligence that remained to be practiced and, unless some of the parties in person – the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the defense or the private prosecution exercised by the minor’s family – request something else, the judge will shortly transform the case in abbreviated procedure and will close it, at which time it will request those parties to qualify the facts according to the criteria of each one of them.

The judicial interrogation of the businessman, linked to Valencia CF for decades, had been postponed because he did not appear at the first summons and in the second he availed himself of his right not to testify, alleging that a series of proceedings had not been properly notified.

Thus, the judge, in order to scrupulously guarantee the right to defense of Pedro CortésHe decided to call all the witnesses again to testify, from the boy’s representatives — Cortés’s son and his partner—, the youth squad’s parents, another minor friend of hers and knowledgeable about the facts, as well as the victim herself.

The adolescent’s family has criticized that Cortés’ attitude has led to this double victimization of the boy by forcing him to appear up to three times – once in the Police and two in court. On the contrary, this fact has allowed the Prosecutor’s Office and the judge to verify that their account is coherent and sustained over time, and without contradictions, according to legal sources.

Valencia CF, with the family and the boy

As reported Lift-EMV, Pedro Cortés was arrested on November 23, 2020, a day after the minor and his parents denounced him at the Paterna police station just a few hours after the events. The former president testified at the police station and the police released him at the expense of the court summons for a crime of sexual abuse of a minor.

The case transcended in January of this year, when Cortés was summoned for the first time in court. As soon as his incrimination was made public, Valencia CF issued a harsh statement detaching itself from Cortés and positioning itself next to the boy and his family, support that has been maintained throughout the judicial investigation.

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